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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Here’s a little Christmas Cheer!



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Mr. Bean goes Christmas shopping

by Geezer Power …1:33 pm

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From Cliff Schecter

by cliffschecter · Monday December 24, 08:32 AM

More from DMI’s terrific MayorTV, where mayors of large American urban centers speak out on how the federal government under the Abramoffians has so failed and harmed this country.

Villaraigrosa speaks about an assault on the middle class, the ignoring of crucial infrastructure improvements and how the Bushies talk a good game on Homeland Security, but have left the cities to fend for themselves.

Watch this compelling interview…

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Former CIA analyst says evidence abounds for impeachment

Sudhan @11:45 CET

By Gretyl Macalaster | Foster’s Daily Democrat (New Hampshire), December 21, 2007


Veteran CIA analyst and daily presidential briefer Ray McGovern discusses “Inside INTELLIGENCE: Behind the headlines on the Iran ‘Threat’, our Constitutional Crisis, Prisoner Treatment and September 11th” Monday night at the Portsmouth Public Library.
(Aaron Leclerc/Staff photographer)

PORTSMOUTH — The evidence for impeachment of the president and vice president is overwhelming, former CIA analyst and daily presidential briefer Ray McGovern told a room full of people at the Portsmouth Public Library Monday night.

McGovern, who provided daily briefings for former presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush as well as other high ranking officials during his 27 year CIA career, said he has witnessed a “prostitution of his profession” as the Bush administration lied to the American people about the evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

“Don’t let anyone tell you the President was deceived by false intelligence … they knew,” McGovern said.

For the next 40 minutes, he relayed a series of events leading up to 9/11 which illustrate the President’s desire to go to war with Iraq well before 9-11, that reliable CIA evidence showed that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction and was presented to the administration and the “facts were fixed” in order to legitimize the invasion.

“The estimate which said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was prepared to the terms of reference laid down by Dick Cheney in a speech on Aug. 26, 2002. It was the worst estimate of intelligence and came to the wrong conclusions, but it was designed to do that,” McGovern said.

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