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Kansas AG Resigns Over Sex Scandal

By- Suzie-Q @ 7:45 PM MST

Paul Morrison

Accused of asking mistress to get inside information in criminal case

Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison, a Republican-turned-Democrat who was supported by abortion advocates in Kansas in his campaign to defeat pro-life former Attorney General Phill Kline, is quitting over a sex-and-political-influence scandal that now has triggered a decision to hire a special prosecutor.

“He’s out,” trumpeted a statement in the Kansas City Star.

The newspaper said Morrison read a statement this afternoon confirming he’ll “resign on Jan. 31 in the wake of a sex scandal involving a former employee in the Johnson County district attorney’s office.”

“Many people feel betrayed by my actions, and they have every right to feel that way,” Morrison read.

He took no questions and left as soon as he finished reading the statement.

“Because of my actions in my personal life, many people stopped believing in me,” Morrison said. “The truth ultimately will come out.”

Morrison announced his resignation less than a week after reports in the Topeka Capital-Journal revealed he had carried on an affair with a former administrator in the Johnson County district attorney’s office for two years.

Linda Carter disrupted Morrison’s political tenure by filing a sex harassment complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and alleging that among other things, Morrison, after he moved from the county office to the state position, tried to have her spy on a developing criminal investigation involving the Planned Parenthood in Johnson County.


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Why Edwards Can Win…

 By- Suzie-Q @ 6:30 PM MST

Even if he loses in Iowa’s bigger cities, Edwards can still win by wrapping up smaller, far-flung precincts.

Jonathan Torgovnik for Newsweek

Conceit or Conviction? Edwards (in Iowa last week with actor Tim Robbins aboard the candidate’s campaign bus) is running hard to pull off a come-from-behind win


By Arian Campo-Flores and Suzanne Smalley | NEWSWEEK

Dec 24, 2007 Issue


John Edwards was already on to the next thing. March 3, 2004, was a tough day for the rookie presidential candidate. He’d gone into the Super Tuesday primaries just a day earlier with momentum left over from a surprise second-place finish in Iowa and a victory in South Carolina, and hoped to win at least a few of the 10 states up for grabs that day. Instead, he’d failed to dominate any of them, not even Georgia. He was finished. He wasn’t going to be president.

At least not yet. After withdrawing from the race, Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, chatted informally with staffers and campaign reporters at a farewell dinner at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Raleigh, N.C. The two were exhausted but relaxed, no longer feeling they had to watch their every word. Everyone was wondering if he would run again. Edwards, perhaps not wanting to appear impolitic, didn’t touch the subject. But Elizabeth was in a more expansive mood, and spoke for her husband. At the hotel two nights before, they had stayed in room 2008. Surely, she said, that wasn’t a coincidence. Standing beside her, Edwards unleashed his Tom Cruise smile, his deep-blue eyes twinkling.

Those who know Edwards never doubted he would be back this year, campaigning even harder than he did the last time. A relentless trial lawyer who got rich by outworking and outpreparing the competition, he spent the last three years applying those skills to plot his comeback. He was convinced that a retooled version of the rich-versus-poor “two Americas” theme he adopted in 2004 would find an even larger audience now.


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Evening Jukebox… Happy Holiday

By- Suzie-Q @ 5:40 PM MST

Andy Williams- Happy Holiday

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House Judiciary Trio Calls for Impeach Cheney Hearings

Sudhan @09:30 CET

By John Nichols | The Nation, December 14, 2007

Three senior members of the House Judiciary Committee have called for the immediate opening of impeachment hearings for Vice President Richard Cheney.

Democrats Robert Wexler of Florida, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin on Friday distributed a statement, “A Case for Hearings,” that declares, “The issues at hand are too serious to ignore, including credible allegations of abuse of power that if proven may well constitute high crimes and misdemeanors under our constitution. The charges against Vice President Cheney relate to his deceptive actions leading up to the Iraq war, the revelation of the identity of a covert agent for political retaliation, and the illegal wiretapping of American citizens.”

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The fear of torture

Sudhan @08:50 CET

Liberty and the state: US congressional leaders connived in legal and human rights violations by sanctioning torture

By Michael Ratner|Guardian, UK, December 14, 2007

As we all now know, the CIA has destroyed hundreds of hours of video tapes of the likely 2002 water torture of three men, allegedly involved with al-Qaida, by its agents. Although the CIA has not acknowledged that the videos are of water torture – often known euphemistically as “waterboarding” – a former CIA agent, John Kiriakou, has said that the waterboarding was authorised from the highest levels of the Bush administration.

Now we are seeing the usual Washington scrambling and casting of blame after another serious revelation of torture. Most of the official focus seems to be on who made the decision to approve the destruction and not on the underlying issue: the fact that the Bush administration, with the apparent consent of some of the congressional leadership, sanctioned torture.

This endorsement was criminal under both US law and international law – and that opens high level administration officials to prosecution, whether in the US or abroad.

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