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BAM! Hastert… BAM! Lott… Here We Go Boys And Girls…

By- Suzie-Q @ 6:15 PM MST

Good Evening Justice Bloggers! 🙂

It’s not coincidental that Lott and Hastert are both leaving office suddenly… I was already sure that Lott was on the DC Madam’s phone list… Now if only Hastert is too! LOLMAO!

Can you imagine that? Hysterical laughter coming from S-Q!! ROFLMAO


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Right-Wing Magazine: Veco Oil Scandal Contributed To Lott’s Resignation

Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) refuses to say why he is retiring from Congress. Many in the media have reported that Lott likely wants to enter the lucrative world of K Street before “tougher restrictions in a new lobbying law” take effect.

But the right-wing American Spectator magazine speculates that brewing corruption scandals may have contributed to Lott’s decision:

The tin-foil-hat crowd was almost immediately pushing a Jack Abramoff angle to the surprise resignation of Sen. Trent Lott. But a more recent scandal brewing — which has already ensnared Sen. Ted Stevens, among others — may also be playing on Lott’s mind.

Lott, Stevens, as well as Rep. Dennis Hastert all have ties to Bill Allen, a larger than life Alaskan businessman who owned Veco, an oil-field services company, and who was a huge benefactor of Republican politicians.

Allen has pleaded guilty to bribing Alaska legislators, including Ben Stevens, the son of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK). The elder Stevens is currently the target of multiple federal investigation, including one on his ties to Veco.

Lott continues to stand by Stevens, donating $5,000 from his political action committee to Stevens’s re-election campaign. Lott also has ties to Allen, who accompanied him to the lavish annual “Waterfall Fishing Tournament” in Alaska. Since 1996, at least 10 current and former lawmakers have attended the trip, an opportunity for “the energy industry’s top brass” to influence lawmakers.

In addition to the lawmakers, high-ranking executives from the nation’s top oil firms — including Allen — attended the Waterfall excursions. Companies with business before Congress occasionally provided free trips to Waterfall for lawmakers and top executives on private company jets. Lawmakers may have violated congressional ethics rules by not paying for the trips. Marketplace, which originally reported on the event, noted that it could find no PAC, personal, or campaign payments for the trip from Lott.

Below is a picture of Lott next to Allen at the Waterfall Resort:


Larry Flynt’s Hustler offers another reason for the senator’s resignation: “Senator Lott has been the target of an ongoing HUSTLER investigation for some time now, due to confidential information that we have received.”

Miami Vice Pilot – Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”

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U.S. Illegally Minting AMERO COINS for NAU?

by Geezer Power …5:52 pm

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Well, here we go again folks, Bu$hco was accusing Ron Paul of selling illegal currency while the same thing was being done from the Denver mint. However there is quite a difference here. The government was allowing coinage on something they claim doesn’t even exist. Hmmm Executive privilige or is it information that threatens our security? 😎

U.S. Illegally Minting AMERO COINS for NAU that doesn’t exist…yet. 2007 date on them!


First, just pictures. Now, a freaking Amero coin has been obtained. Holy sh*t! Amero coin with 2007 date obtained. Made at the Denver mint. The Denver mint is treasonous–it is plotting the destruction of the USA. See pictures. See video. Amero coins with 2007 date virtually predict dissolution of the U.S.A. this year and morphing into the NAU. Likely introduced by force after an artificial stock market crash. See associated leaked story from the Denver mint below, associated with these Amero coins they are making. — Amero coins–made illegally in U.S. public mint for a country that doesn’t exist, the NAU, that no legislatures in North America have authorized its creation. — The story is that they are expecting an artificial stock market crash in the USA and intentional bankrupting of the country by internationalists behind Bush to FORCE Amero use. — Did the Ohio Republican Congressman Gillmor get killed recently on the Amero altar? When he threatened to blow the whistle on mass stock market speculation for this Amero introduction crash of the U.S. economy? He was on the Finance Committee and was investigating a ‘put options fortune’ of billions by some people that was risked (similar to the money made on 9-11 put options) on a massive downturn in the U.S. stock market. Was Congressman Gillmor about to mess up the financial wealth to be generated in the wake of the Amero introduction? So they killed him?

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anthony @ 16:55 GMT

Monday November 26, 2007

According to the owner of a flight school at which 2 of the 4 accused 9/11 hijack pilots trained on simple aircraft with questionable … all » competence, neither he nor the 9/11 hijackers implicated in the attacks, could pilot the 757 and 767 aircraft that they are alleged to have flown into targets on September 11, 2001.

The alleged hijack pilot of American Airlines flight 77, which reportedly crashed into the Pentagon building on September 11, 2001, was deemed unfit for a solo flight on board a single engine Cessna aircraft, less than 1 month earlier.

Were the accused hijack pilots of the 9/11 planes, sponsored for flight school training by some unknown party, simply to create the appearance of an ability to pilot the aircraft used to strike symbolically significant U.S. targets that day?

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Sudhan @11:20 CET

By Paul Craig Roberts | VDARE.com, Nov. 26, 2007

In new books writers as disparate as Naomi Wolf and Pat Buchanan conclude that America as we know her is disappearing. Both writers hope, but are not confident, that enough Americans will catch on in time to find the leadership to pull America back from the brink.

If polls are reliable, a majority of Americans are dissatisfied with President Bush and Congress. However, Americans are far short of Wolf and Buchanan’s grasp of our peril.

Americans are unable to connect their dissatisfaction with the current political leadership with their choice of new leaders. All polls show that Hillary Clinton is far in the lead for the Democratic presidential nomination and Rudy Giuliani is far in the lead for the Republican nomination [See Polling report.com: Election 2008 ]. These are the only two candidates guaranteed to be worse than Bush/Cheney.

Both Hillary and Rudy are committed to the war. Both refuse to rule out expanding the war to Iran and beyond. Both are totally in the pocket of the Israel Lobby. Indeed, practically every Giuliani advisor is a member of the Lobby. Both defend the police state measures that “protect us from terrorism.” And neither gives a hoot for the US Constitution and the civil liberties it guarantees. The Republican Giuliani is likely to overturn the Second Amendment even quicker than the Democrat Hillary.

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