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OPEC Interested in Non-Dollar Currency

By- Suzie-Q @ 8:50 PM MST

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday that OPEC’s members have expressed interest in converting their cash reserves into a currency other than the depreciating U.S. dollar, which he called a “worthless piece of paper.”

His comments at the end of a rare summit of OPEC heads of state exposed fissures within the 13-member cartel – especially after U.S. ally Saudi Arabia was reluctant to mention concerns about the falling dollar in the summit’s final declaration.

The hardline Iranian leader’s comments also highlighted the growing challenge that Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, faces from Iran and its ally Venezuela within the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

“They get our oil and give us a worthless piece of paper,” Ahmadinejad told reporters after the close of the summit in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. He blamed U.S. President George W. Bush’s policies for the decline of the dollar and its negative effect on other countries.

Oil is priced in U.S. dollars on the world market, and the currency’s depreciation has concerned oil producers because it has contributed to rising crude prices and has eroded the value of their dollar reserves.

“All participating leaders showed an interest in changing their hard currency reserves to a credible hard currency,” Ahmadinejad said. “Some said producing countries should designate a single hard currency aside from the U.S. dollar … to form the basis of our oil trade.”


The Clash – Rock The Casbah

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Open Head Thread!

by GEF @ 11:28 AM MST

Open Head Thread: What’s your Opinion ?

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Sunday’s Evildoer News!

by GEF @ 7:48 AM MST

Coffee Cup

Run.. Muslims with Nukes

Well…thanks to King George’s bogus terror war we see Pakistan quickly devolving into a Sunni and Shiite blood bath…

A civil war sectarian violence is chomping at the bit there but the question really is: “Is anyone surprised that Pakistan (the last known location of Al-CIA-DUH Al-Queda) is experiencing a civil war sectarian violence similar to Iraq?” Not me..

YALE Group wants Impeachment

It looks like Google is playing favorites doesn’t it ? Who in their right mind would not Impeach vice president Dick “not-member-of-executive-branch” Cheney with only 10% approval ratings and a mad penchant for empire and war ? I think Google better watch themselves or face the wrath of the American people who are very irate at this point.

US Dollar R.I.P

Looks like the Saudis are signaling dollar flight collapse and I guess you can now understand why Americans are heading to Canada, or trying to anyway… But Canada has too many Americans already there who came in the 70s during the Vietnam civil war sectarian violence and they never returned home.

Let’s see, now with the Hamptoms no longer accessible, and the dollar shunned, will this Thanksgiving day be our last good meal ? So how much will that doggie in the window be ? Is NAFTA bueno ? Hell no..

Tax Scam Evildoing

There’s a big story brewing out of DC that has the potential to light fires in every state of the nation… Yikes.. Hide the matches S-Q. Why are my property taxes going up and who’s getting rich off of it?

Constitution Under Big Attack

The company who was making and selling Liberty dollars and Ron Paul commemorative dollars was raided last week and their property confiscated. Meanwhile, the owner and many Americans who purchased these precious metals are getting ready for a huge class action lawsuit that will expose the Govt and the US Federal Reserve Bank once and for all for what they really are.

You see, the US Govt is very helpful sometimes!


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BAM! DOJ Investigating $730M Cost Of Iraq Embassy

By- Suzie-Q @ 8:30 AM MST

Ewen MacAskill, Washington
Saturday November 17, 2007
The Guardian

US Officials Under Investigation Over $730M Cost Of Iraq Embassy 

The US justice department is investigating the soaring bill for building a huge new American embassy in Baghdad. Postponing its scheduled opening last month, the state department said it didn’t “have an answer” as to when it would be finished.The budget for what is the biggest US embassy building in the world was $592m (£288m) but has jumped to $736m; its opening has been repeatedly postponed due to substandard work or design changes, while the contractor, based in Kuwait, has faced a series of problems.

In a report for a congressional hearing this week the justice department disclosed it was investigating two unnamed state department officials, a “person of interest” and a “subject of investigation”.

The building is a signal of US intentions to stay in Iraq. Inside Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, it is hidden behind blast walls, with 27 buildings housing 615 people.

The state department had been struggling to fill 50 of these diplomatic posts, with many officials unwilling to serve due to the danger. The secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, threatened to order diplomats to go, for the first time since Vietnam. But the state department said yesterday: “It appears we are getting very nearly to where we will have volunteers for all of the open, identified jobs. We have candidates identified for all the jobs.”


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Canada Shuts Doors to U.S. War Resisters

Sudhan@12:25 CET

By Aaron Glantz,  IPS News

SAN FRANCISCO, California, Nov 16 (IPS) – Two U.S. Army deserters who fled to Canada and sought refugee status on grounds of their opposition to the war in Iraq have lost their bids to have the Supreme Court of Canada hear their cases.

The court refused to hear the appeals of Jeremy Hinzman and Brandon Hughey Thursday, who were rejected two years ago by Canada’s immigration authorities.

The board ruled they would not be at risk of their lives if they returned to the United States, nor were they at risk of “cruel and unusual treatment or punishment”.

Hinzman and Hughey deserted the U.S. Army in 2004 after learning their units were being deployed to Iraq to fight in a war they have called immoral and illegal. The men argue that serving in Iraq would force them to commit crimes against civilians, and that they would be persecuted if forced to return to the United States.

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