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By- Suzie-Q @ 8:25 PM MST

Daniel Ellsberg, the former Defense Department analyst who leaked the secret Pentagon Papers history of the Vietnam War, offered insights into the looming attack on Iran and the loss of liberty in the United States at a recent American University symposium. What follow are his comments from that speech. They have been edited only for space.


By Daniel Ellsberg

Let me simplify . . . and not just to be rhetorical: A coup has occurred. I woke up the other day realizing, coming out of sleep, that a coup has occurred. It’s not just a question that a coup lies ahead with the next 9-11. That’s the next coup that completes the first.

The last five years have seen a steady assault on every fundamental of our Constitution . . . what the rest of the world looked at for the last 200 years as a model and experiment to the rest of the world—in checks and balances, limited government, Bill of Rights, individual rights protected from majority infringement by the Congress, an independent judiciary, the possibility of impeachment.

There have been violations of these principles by many presidents before. Most of the specific things that Bush has done in the way of illegal surveillance and other matters were done under my boss Lyndon Johnson in the Vietnam War: the use of CIA, FBI, NSA against Americans.

All these violations were impeachable had they been found out at the time but in nearly every case the violations were not found out until [the president was] out of office so we didn’t have the exact challenge that we have today.

That was true with the first term of Nixon and certainly of Johnson, Kennedy and others. They were impeachable. They weren’t found out in time. But I think it was not their intention, in the crisis situations that they felt justified their actions, to change our form of government.

It is increasingly clear with each new book and each new leak that comes out, that Richard Cheney and his now chief of staff David Addington have had precisely that in mind since at least the early 1970s. Not just since 1992, not since 2001, but [they] have believed in executive government, single-branch government under an executive president—elected or not—with unrestrained powers. They did not believe in restraint.


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Evening Jukebox… Rebel Yell

By- Suzie-Q @ 8:08 PM MST

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell

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Here Comes Johnny… He Got The Action… ;)

By- Suzie-Q @ 6:55 PM MST

via: Crooks and Liars

Randy Rhodes in Detroit: Was Conyers listening to the Kucinich/Cheney Impeachment

Curt Guyette (Metro Times) reported that John Conyers had a few words with Randy Rhodes after she gave a keynote speech in Detroit—Peace Action’s 50th anniversary–and the topic of their chat was: Impeaching Dick Cheney! Go to the 19th minute of the vid…

C&Ler Carol emailed me this article:

After her talk, Rhodes knelt alongside Conyers’ chair and they had what looked to be a friendly chat that ended with an embrace. We then collared the always-congenial Conyers and asked him what was going through his mind as he heard Rhodes endorse the call for impeachment and saw the crowd of lefties stand and give that endorsement thunderous applause.

“I can’t tell you,” responded Conyers.

We pressed him, pointing out what he’d told us in the past about impeachment being counterproductive. But that was before Republicans voted to make this an issue, Conyers explained.

“Events have changed the situation,” he said.

But, if what Rhodes told us is accurate, it’s up to us to force the hand of Democrats on this issue. As longtime activist Al Fishman told the assembled crowd at the Westin, the name of the group being celebrated had two components, peace and action…read on

I talked to Curt Gayette today and he thought we have a chance to move the impeachment ball forward….Email and call John Conyers office early and often and ask him to proceed with the bipartisan support of Kucinich’s impeach Dick Cheney resolution! Phone: (313) 961-5670 Phone: (202) 225-5126

Bernie Sanders and Russ Feingold have been saying on the radio that they haven’t been hearing from the public on Kucinich’s proposal so they don’t think we want Shooter impeached…If they get calls all week we may get some movement on this…Go here to find your Rep’s info…


Dire Straits – Walk of Life (Live)

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The Tale Of Bush And Buckshot…

By- Suzie-Q @ 9:40 AM MST

Bush-Cheney Really Are Planning to Attack Iran!

Bush & Buckshot are riding their little stick horses, demonizing another Muslim nation — and the Dems are supporting it. We’ve got to shut them down.

Look out — here they come again! Bush & Buckshot are riding their little stick horses, waving the bloody flag of 9/11, demonizing another Muslim nation, shouting warnings about weapons of mass destruction, bellowing for regime change, and generally trying to whoop up a new war. Having done so well in Iraq, George W and Cheney are pushing feverishly to hype up a national-security threat and commit our nation, our bedraggled military, our depleted treasury, and our country’s already-tarnished name to another of their fantasyland, neocon, preemptive invasions of a sovereign people who are doing no harm to us. Their target this time: Iran.

You might be thinking, oh, come on, Hightower, surely not. You’re paranoid — even the Bushites aren’t that crazy. I wish.

The drums of war

For such leading neocon zealots as Norman Podhoretz, bombing and even invading Iran are about protecting “our” Mideastern oil, strengthening Israel’s regional power, and continuing Western control of the restive Muslim majority in the Middle East. Podhoretz and other true believers assert that there’s an urgent need for Israel and the West to crush Iran’s Muslim government now, frantically wailing that it intends to destroy America and control the world. Even though Iran has made no threats to the U.S., the neocons see regime change there as the key to winning “World War IV” (they insist that the Cold War was World War III) against what they have dubbed “Islamofacism.”

How nutty are they? Podhoretz concedes that by attacking such an influential Islamic nation, Bush would “unleash a wave of anti-Americanism all over the world that will make the anti-Americanism we’ve experienced so far look like a lovefest.” Yet this Dr. Strangelove maniacally declares, “I pray with all my heart that he will.” Now there’s a prayer to a truly fiendish god!


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Profile: Hillary Clinton..”Globalist Evildoer”

by GEF @ 8:08 AM MST

Ask Yourself: “Does Big Govt Hillary have me fooled already ?”

Via:  Crooks and Liars
David Sirota on Hillary’s Response To NAFTA At The Democratic Debate

Politics West:

Really, what an offensive statement Clinton made to the millions of American and Mexican workers who lost their jobs and saw their wages destroyed thanks to NAFTA – a deal pushed by the Clinton administration (for some more data on NAFTA, see this report from the Economic Policy Institute). You want to talk about showing how utterly out of touch you are, that’s how you do it – you laugh and say you barely remember the debate over the very trade deal that is destroying America’s middle class. And then after you stop laughing, you go to the Senate floor to vote to expand NAFTA, as Clinton says she’s going to in the next few weeks.

David’s been doing a lot of work looking at the issue of free trade. While I can’t claim to understand it as well, I do think it’s been clear that the “success” of free trade for American workers has been somewhat mixed (to be charitable). Rather than being distracted by media created controversies like hair cuts and laughs, I would very much like to see a progressive candidate look at making a strong stance at reforming our trade policies.

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Paul Craig Roberts: The Lobby

Sudhan@12:05 CET

By Paul Craig Roberts

11/14/07 “ICH” — — Experts in the West and ordinary people in Arab lands have understood for many years that the United States does not have an independent policy toward the Middle East.  President Jimmy Carter, a man of good will, tried to use American influence to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the source of dangerous instability in the Middle East.  However, Israel was able to block Carter’s attempt, while blaming Yasser Arafat. Carter’s plan would have given rise to a Palestinian state.  Israel did not want any such state, because obvious military aggression is necessary in order to steal the territory of an official state with defined borders.  It is much easier to steal land from a non-state.

By preventing the rise of a Palestinian state, Israel has been able to continue with its theft of the West Bank. Palestinians who have not been driven out have been forced into ghettos, cut off from schools, hospitals, water, and their olive groves and farmlands. In a recent book, President Carter called the existing situation “apartheid.”  Carter was demonized by the Israel Lobby for his use of this word, but some experts consider Carter’s choice of words to be an euphemism for the continuation of what I. Pappe and N. G. Finkelstein call “the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.”

That the vast majority of Americans know nothing of this is testimony to the power of the Israel Lobby.

Keep reading . . . 

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Thanksgiving Blues

anthony @ 10:30 GMT

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has decided to keep the chamber in session over the Thanksgiving break to block President Bush from making any unsavory recess appointments while Senators are out of town.

In a statement inserted in the record Friday, the Majority Leader said he will hold the Senate in a series of pro forma or nonvoting sessions to prevent the controversial practice. In the statement, Reid argued that nominations need to get on track, and that Bush has not met the Democrats “halfway” in agreeing to Democratically backed nominees to “important commissions.”

“While an election year looms, significant progress can still be made on nominations,” Reid said. “I am committed to making that progress if the President will meet me halfway.

“But that progress can’t be made if the President seeks controversial recess appointments and fails to make Democratic appointments to important commissions.” (more…)

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‘Nuff Said

anthony @ 10:25 GMT


Arianna Huffington: A HuffPost Project: Posterizing the Modern GOP

Award-winning ad exec Rich Silverstein has created three powerful posters that simply but graphically capture the lunacy of the modern GOP. “Here is my thinking,” Silverstein told me, “What if we could TiVo the last six-plus years and play them back — without comment — for the American people, and let them connect the dots? It’s not a pretty picture.” But these posters are only rough drafts. And we want you to help with the rewrites by adding to the names, events, and slogans depicted in them. Ideally, says Silverstein, the final versions might be three feet long. Given the outrages of the last six-plus years, even that might not be long enough.


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