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Rep. Don Young + Veco = Cajun Pig Roast?

By- Suzie-Q @ 7:58 PM MST

Things get worse for Rep. Don Young (R-AK). The feds are chasing Young for his ties to the corrupt oil company Veco (among other things), and he’s already blown $450,000 in campaign funds on criminal defense lawyers. But it looks like investigators pulled out all the stops.

FBI agents recorded former Veco president Rick Smith’s phone calls with Young, the AP reports today. In September, the AP reported that Veco’s CEO Bill Allen had recorded his calls with Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK).

Young was close to Smith in a couple ways. Smith, who pleaded guilty to bribing a number of lawmakers, arranged Young’s annual mega-fundraiser pig roast (see picture above) at a cost of about $10,000 to $15,000 for a decade. But the feds are investigating whether there was another, shall we say, more informal arrangement, according to the AP:

The Justice Department is investigating whether an Alaska oil contractor used golf tournaments to funnel cash to Rep. Don Young, people close to the corruption investigation said….

…[T]he events at the Moose Run Golf Course just outside Anchorage were informal and the prizes were cash. There is no record of them on the campaign or personal financial reports that federal lawmakers are required to file.

“That tournament had nothing to do with the campaign or anything official. It was just people getting together to play golf,” said Young’s campaign spokesman, Mike Anderson, who declined to discuss the tournaments or how often Young won.


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Evening Jukebox… 4 In The Morning

By- Suzie-Q @ 7:45 PM MST

Gwen Stefani – 4 In The Morning

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by GEF @ 11:08 AM MST

– Thanks to our Friends Alan Greenspan and the Private Federal Reserve Bank for turning our Shelter(Homes) into a National ATM Card & Greed Engine. The scam of the century is unraveling..

Federal Reserve Central Bank HQ

via peoplenomics

Great Explanation Found for the Manufactured US Housing Disaster!!

Readers Who ‘Get it’

Here’s a nice summary:


“Let me get something straight here. We find ourselves in the midst of a major financial meltdown, because of what?

Because the Banksters created a lot of money out of thin air, in the form of debt and gave this “air created” money (as a loan) to borrowers to purchase an inflatedly priced home.

The banksters then wrote this debt, that was created from nothing, into a ledger and called it a bank asset–yet it’s still represents money that was created out of thin air. The banksters then bundled these “out of thin air” created “assets” together with other similarly created “assets” and gave these bundled assets some fancy names, such as “High Grade Structured Credit Enhanced Leverage Fund” so they could be sold to others.

Now, the people that received the original money are having difficulty meeting the strict payback requirements of their air created loans because buried within the loan’s contracts are clauses that allow for the Banksters to increase the interest at times on this debt that started out as nothing more than air.

And, since many of the people are walking away from this money the banksters created that was given to them as debt, the banksters, and those that bought these fancy named, bundled “assets” that were created out of thin air are crying. Why are they crying? Because they are finding their “assets,” that were created out of thin air are worth as much as… um… air.

So, this real estate balloon was inflated by air (created money). Everyone knows what happens when too much air is put into a balloon. The air eventually releases very rapidly with a popping sound. Doesn’t the same thing happen when air is used to create a housing balloon?

You Betcha!!

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Pakistani Lawyers vs. American Lawyers

Sudhan@14:00 CET

Where are the Demonstrations? 

By RALPH NADER | Counterpunch, November 13, 2007

One of the most noticed photographs in the newspapers last week was that of a well-dressed Pakistani lawyer on the streets hurling back a tear gas canister toward the soldiers who were suppressing a demonstration by lawyers protesting the martial law (called “emergency rule”) of Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

Can anyone remember anywhere in all of modern history, large numbers of lawyers leading the resistance as they did on the streets of Pakistani cities way ahead of the workers, peasants and even the university students?

Pakistani police and troops rounded up the mass protests of lawyers and pushed hundreds of them into trucks on the way to the prison. Lawyers were willing to go to prison and endure beatings, while demanding the re-establishment of the rule of law and the independence of judges right up to the Supreme Court, a rare display of professional courage and duty.

What about lawyers in the United States standing up to the Bush regime’s regular violation of our Constitution, the imprisonment of thousands of people without charges and without attorneys, the assault on due process, probable cause, habeas corpus, the spying on Americans without court approval and the defiant, illegal use of torture?

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