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Happy Birthday Anthony! Sorry We Are Late…

By- Suzie-Q @ 8:10 PM MST

You can stop badgering the mailman now. Hope Your Day Was Happy! 🙂

Well, I know you liked JFK…. and Marilyn.. 😉

Thank you for being a friend! 🙂

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We the People Tell the Govt to Shut up on Privacy!

by GEF @ 5:48 PM MST

via: Crooks and Liars

The Cafferty File: Redefining Privacy


You have to know that the news that Intelligence official Donald Kerr suggesting the Americans need to redefine “privacy” to not mean “anonymity” from the govenment, but trust that they (and corporations) will protect their information nonetheless would raise the hackles of Our Man Jack Cafferty.

His Cafferty File question was the simple: Why should we?

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Bush Plans Defence Stance Against Aliens

by Geezer Power …1:20 pm

As you can see I have taken extensive precautions for protection against low frequency magnetic waves, before airing this video. Tucker Carson has undoubtedly been hit with LFMW from HAARP (not to be confused with aarp), and I sure don’t want to end up like him…):

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by GEF @ 11:08 AM MST

U.S. Supreme Court may tackle gun constitutionality case

Monday, November 12, 2007

WASHINGTON: Both sides in a closely watched legal battle over the District of Columbia’s strict gun-control law are urging the Supreme Court to hear the case. If the justices agree — a step they may announce as early as Tuesday — the Roberts court is likely to find itself back on the front lines of the culture wars with an intensity unmatched even by the cases on abortion and race that defined the court’s last term.

The question is whether the Second Amendment to the Constitution protects an individual right to “keep and bear arms.” If the answer is yes, as the federal appeals court held in March, the justices must then decide what such an interpretation means for a statute that bars all possession of handguns and that requires any other guns in the home to be disassembled or secured by trigger locks.

The Supreme Court has never answered the Second Amendment question directly, and it has been nearly 70 years since the court even approached it obliquely. A decision in 1939, United States v. Miller, held that a sawed-off shotgun was not one of the “arms” to which the Second Amendment referred in its single, densely written, and oddly punctuated sentence: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


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Ron Paul Rocks on Face the Nation! Nov 11th!

by GEF @ 9:12 PM MST

Ron Paul Shines on Face the Nation Nov 11th!

Part 1

Part 2

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18 Veterans Arrested in Antiwar Protest

Sudhan@14:05 CET

by Tania deLuzuriaga and Charles M. Sennott

Boston Globe | November 12, 2007

More than a dozen members of an antiwar veterans group were arrested yesterday as they protested the exclusion of their message from Boston’s Veterans Day parade.1112 03 Members of Veterans for Peace lined up in front of a podium at City Hall Plaza holding antiwar placards, as color guards from Massachusetts military units and JROTC bands from across the state filed into Government Center for a ceremony, sponsored by the American Legion, to honor veterans after the parade. Some protesters wore gags, which they later said symbolized the fact that, while they were permitted to march in the parade, they were prevented from carrying signs opposing the war in Iraq.

“We were exercising our First Amendment rights,” said Winston Warfield of Dorchester, a member of the group. “The First Amendment protects free speech, even when you don’t agree with what’s being said.”

When Boston police asked the demonstrators to move from the front of the podium so that the Veterans Day services could continue, they refused. As the Boston Firemen’s Band played The Marine Hymn, several protesters were placed in plastic handcuffs and led away.

“Our free speech and civil rights are being abridged here,” said Nate Goldschlag, a Vietnam-era veteran who was among those standing in front of the podium. “We are veterans, too, and we should be allowed to express our opposition to this war.”

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