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Carl Bernstein: Hillary Will Continue Bush’s Legacy of Secrecy

Posted October 23, 2007 04:21 PM (EST)

The following piece is part of an ongoing series of OffTheBus reports by citizen policy experts critiquing different aspects of Campaign 08.

“Hillary’s fear of humiliation, her fear of secrets being revealed, absolutely permeates her life,”

Carl Bernstein told a packed auditorium at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA., earlier this week.

Bernstein is the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter on Watergate, and author of a new book on Hillary, A Woman in Charge. His appearance in Yorba Linda was a historic moment of sorts, as he himself noted: if he had said in 1999, when he started doing research on Hillary, “that I would be invited to speak at the Nixon Library, and that I’d be talking about Hillary as possibly the next president of the United States, I’d be accused of smoking something – and inhaling.”


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Bob Dylan’s MASTERS of WAR

anthony @ 22:25 BST, with thanks to PoliShifter

Warning: Some viewers may find some of the images shown on this video distressing.

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Rich Mans War

by Geezer Power …1:38 pm

Steve Earle speaks in Washington (9/24/05)

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Turkey strikes at Kurdish militants in northern Iraq

anthony @ 20:05 BST

Turkish Tank

RIA Novosti | Wednesday October 24, 2007

Units of the Turkish army have crossed the Iraqi border in a special operation against Kurdish militants, local newspapers said Wednesday.

The Yeni Safak newspaper reported that Turkish commandos supported by helicopters were chasing militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and F-16 Falcon fighter-bombers and artillery were delivering pinpoint strikes at militant bases about 50 kilometers (30 miles) deep into the Iraqi territory.

Zaman, Turkey’s third largest newspaper, said the Turkish Armed Forces had stepped up their bombardment of the Iraqi border as part of an operation launched in retaliation for Sunday’s terrorist attack that killed 12 soldiers and wounded 16 others.

The newspaper cited a government spokesman as saying that the U.S. had been informed about the start of the cross-border operation, although Turkey’s military has not confirmed the media reports. (more…)

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War Costs Spiral Out of Control

anthony @ 19:55 BST

Bush in Roosevelt Room

Hey, a billion here, a billion there, who’s counting? Not the State Department, which admitted this week that it can’t say “specifically what it received” for the $1.2 billion it paid DynCorp, ostensibly to train the Iraqi police—other than that somebody got an Olympic-size swimming pool out of the deal.


Your tax bill for Bush’s wars: $8,000

New estimates show Iraq, Afghanistan will cost US $2.4 trillion; White House refuses to provide estimate

By Nick Juliano – The United States is spending about $8,000 per man, woman and child in the country to pursue wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to new estimates that show the wars will cost about $2.4 trillion over the next decade.

More than one-fourth of the money spent in Iraq and Afghanistan — $705 billion — will go to paying interest on the wars’ costs, which are being funded with borrowed dollars, according to an estimate to be released Wednesday by the Congressional Budget Office. Iraq accounts for about 80 percent of the costs with a $1.9 trillion tab, including $564 million in interest, a House budget committee staff director told USA Today, which reported the numbers Wednesday morning.

“The number is so big, it boggles the mind,” Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) told the newspaper.


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Regime Change Redux

anthony @ 19:50 BST

Patrick Foy | Taki’s Top Drawer | October 24, 2007

For all practical purposes, we are at war with Iran. One wonders what the White House is waiting for. The EU is in the bag. Capitol Hill, taking its cue from AIPAC, plus all the front-running presidential contenders of both parties, who take the same cue, have stated unequivocally that the option for the United States to bomb Iran is on the table until and unless Tehran stops enriching uranium. The blank check for war has been signed, sealed and delivered.


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A Great Nation, Poisoned by War


Sudhan@20.05 CET

By William A. Collins

Gives our souls,
An awful chill;
Sending soldiers,
Off to kill.

The full-page Army ad in the NAACP magazine reads, “You made them strong. We’ll make them Army Strong.” Besides focusing on these vulnerable minority parents, recruiters are nowadays even trolling homeless shelters, their lures baited with offers of $20,000 to leave “home.” Further, enlistment standards have been lowered for intellectual capacity, emotional stability, and criminal record. These are our own homegrown mercenaries, sifted largely from among the poor.

And while such troops may sound expensive to muster, they’re a bargain compared with the real live mercenaries we hire for Iraq and Afghanistan. American civilians over there get paid like generals, and foreign workers command princely sums compared to the scrabbly farms or brutal sweatshops back home. Like the Romans and British before us, our imperial military has become totally dependent on private workers. Halliburton and Blackwater are the new Hessians.

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Castro claims Bush could spark WWIII

anthony @ 14:20 BST

By WILL WEISSERT, Associated Press Writer, Tue Oct 23, 2:08 PM ET

Fidel Castro wrote Tuesday President Bush is threatening the world with nuclear war and famine — an attack on Washington a day before the White House plans to announce new plans to draw Cuba away from communism.

“The danger of a massive world famine is aggravated by Mr. Bush’s recent initiative to transform foods into fuel,” Castro wrote in Cuban news media, referring to U.S. support for using corn and other food crops to produce gasoline substitutes.

The brief essay titled “Bush, Hunger and Death” also alleged that Bush “threatens humanity with World War III, this time using atomic weapons.”


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EU: History Of Deceit

anthony @ 11:37 BST

Christopher Booker | London Telegraph | Monday October 22, 2007

Lisbon crowns a history of deceit

It was apt that Gordon Brown’s agreement to the EU treaty should have coincided with the announcement that MPs are to get an additional two weeks’ holiday a year because there is so little for them to do.

The Lisbon Treaty, after all, is another giant step towards a new form of government, empowered to decide most of the laws that govern our lives, making our Westminster MPs even more redundant than they are now.

It was equally appropriate that Mr Brown and his puppet foreign minister, David Miliband, should have agreed this treaty on the basis of the most shameless political lie one can recall: that the new treaty is completely different from the rejected EU constitution – with which it is 96 per cent identical.


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Sudhan@10:35 CET

By Nick Juliano
The Raw Story | October 22, 2007

New book says US uses ‘methods of the most tyrannical regimes’

More than 100,000 pages of newly released government documents demonstrate how US military interrogators “abused, tortured or killed” scores of prisoners rounded up since Sept. 11, 2001, including some who were not even suspected of having terrorist ties, according to a just-published book.

In Administration of Torture, two American Civil Liberties Union attorneys detail the findings of a years-long investigation and court battle with the administration that resulted in the release of massive amounts of data on prisoner treatment and the deaths of US-held prisoners.

“[T]he documents show unambiguously that the administration has adopted some of the methods of the most tyrannical regimes,” write Jameel Jaffer and Amrit Singh. “Documents from Guantanamo describe prisoners shackled in excruciating ‘stress positions,’ held in freezing-cold cells, forcibly stripped, hooded, terrorized with military dogs, and deprived of human contact for months.”

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