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The Spin, I’m In! Spineless Jellyfish!

by GEF @ 8:02 PM MST

Watching Spineless Democrats in their Natural Habitat one can see how weak they are as they just lie around sucking up space, enabling the weakened Republicans and breaking their Constitutional Oath of Office by assisting the GOP in disabling the Constitution of the United States…

Just look at them…Bloop! Bloop!

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The Fear Business, 911, and Homeland Security

by Geezer Power …7:34 pm

Venture Capital Investing and Funding in Homeland Security & Defense Technologies

Among the first to jump into the fear business was Mark Thaller, a former naval officer and general partner at Zero Stage Capital, who in July 2001 launched Patriot Venture Partners, a VC fund devoted to the secu-rity sector. His decision to start the fund seems prescient, coming two months before 9/11, but Thaller would have you define the market in a somewhat different way than we did. “I have been very careful to avoid using the word ‘fear,'” Thaller says. “Fear and paranoia might be the potential causes of action, but the real underlying need is to be a little more at ease.

Another early venture capitalist is Richard Perle, who was also a managing partner in a venture-capital company called Trireme Partners L.P., which was registered in November, 2001, in Delaware. Trireme’s main business, according to a two-page letter that one of its representatives sent to Arab investers last November, was to invest in companies dealing in technology, goods, and services that are of value to homeland security and defense. The letter argued that the fear of terrorism would increase the demand for such products in Europe and in countries like Saudi Arabia and Singapore.The letter mentioned the firm’s government connections prominently: “Three of Trireme’s Management Group members currently advise the U.S. Secretary of Defense by serving on the U.S. Defense Policy Board, and one of Trireme’s principals, Richard Perle, is chairman of that Board.” The two other policy-board members associated with Trireme are Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State (who is, in fact, only a member of Trireme’s advisory group and is not involved in its management), and Gerald Hillman, an investor and a close business associate of Perle’s who handles matters in Trireme’s New York office. The letter said that forty-five million dollars had already been raised, including twenty million dollars from Boeing; the purpose, clearly, was to attract more investors.

Yet another was The Paladin Financial Group with headquarters in Washington DC. The term paladine was first used in Ancient Rome for a chamberlain (officer in charge of managing a household).

National Security Experience – The Managing Directors and investment professionals of Paladin have extensive and distinguished track records in service within the security, defense and intelligence fields. Paladin team members include Ambassador Jim Woolsey (former Director of Central Intelligence)
, Lt. General (Ret.) Ken Minihan (former Director of the National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency), and Dr. Alf Andreassen (Bell Labs, AT&T, National Security Agency Advisory Board).

Yaknow* It sure sounds like the Neocons were pretty sure about 911 and the occupation of Iraq to me…

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Torture Boy Gonzales knows he’s in Big Trouble!

by GEF @ 6:12 PM MST

Gonzales Hires a Top Gun

Still under investigation by Congress and Justice Department lawyers who once worked for him, the former attorney general has turned to a leading Washington attorney to help him beat the rap.

By Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball



Updated: 2:12 p.m. ET Oct 10, 2007

Oct. 10, 2007 – No sooner did Alberto Gonzales resign as attorney general last month than he retained a high-powered Washington criminal-defense lawyer to represent him in continuing inquiries by Congress and the Justice Department.

Story Here–>

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After Disdaining Arms Control, Bush Seeks To Engage Moscow

by- Suzie-Q @ 5:10 PM MST 

Vladimir Rodionov / Itar-Tass via Abaca Press
Russian President Vladimir Putin. |

WASHINGTON — President Bush took office disavowing the complex treaty negotiations with Moscow that consumed years of Cold War diplomacy, saying that Russia and the United States had moved beyond decades of nuclear rivalry into an era of cooperation. But with 15 months left in his second term, his administration and the Kremlin are deadlocked in exactly the kind of diplomatic wrangling that he’d foresworn.

Bush is sending Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates on a rare joint mission to Moscow this week in a bid to break arms disputes that have helped plunge U.S.-Russian ties to their chilliest depth since the Cold War.

Over Russian objections, Bush is pursuing the deployment of U.S. missile defenses in Eastern Europe. In apparent retaliation, Russian President Vladimir Putin is vowing to pull out of an accord limiting deployments of troops, tanks and combat aircraft in Europe and Russia. Their governments disagree on replacing an expiring treaty that’s allowed each side to monitor the other’s promised cuts in nuclear weapons.

“We want to work on these areas regardless . . . of differences that we have with the Russians in other areas,” Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Fried said.

Unless they show the will to resolve their differences in talks Friday, many experts fear that cooperation on nuclear arms reductions and counter-terrorism could suffer.


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Evening Jukebox… Beautiful Day

by- Suzie-Q @ 4:43 PM MST 

U2 – Beautiful Day

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The Martyring of Che Guevara

anthony @ 18:00 BST

Viva Che

If the CIA thought that executing the guerrilla would kill what he stood for, it mostly assuredly has been proved wrong. Witness the current state of politics in Latin America, not to mention the reverence this week that marked the 40th anniversary of his death.


Killing Che Guevara

Che in Havana
AP photo / Javier Galeano
Remembering Che:  This now-iconic image of Guevara appears on a mural in Havana, Cuba, where officials and citizens commemorated his death on Monday.

Forty years after his death at the hands of CIA operatives and Bolivian troops, Marxist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara has become a legend and an icon, as evidenced by the familiar image of his face emblazoned on the T-shirts of college students everywhere.  To mark the anniversary of his assassination, the BBC interviewed Felix Rodriguez, an ex-CIA agent who received the order to have Guevara shot.


Mr Rodriguez ordered the soldier who pulled the trigger to aim carefully, to remain consistent with the Bolivian government’s story that Che had been killed in action during a clash with the Bolivian army.

But wasn’t Che entitled to a fair trial rather than such an ignominious death in La Higuera?

“I could have tried to falsify the command to the troops, and got Che to Panama as the US government said they had wanted,” said Mr Rodriguez.

But he said it was a decision by the Bolivian presidency, and he had to let history run its course.

By killing Che Guevara the man, didn’t Mr Rodriguez think he had simply helped create something much more powerful – Che Guevara the legend?

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by GEF @ 9:22 AM MST

Protesters Building Large “Buddha” Outside Pelosi’s House

One might think it would be great to have Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as a neighbor (imagine the block parties!). But the Speaker apparently is not making herself popular in her high-dollar ‘hood, telling reporters on Tuesday that protesters have taken up residence outside her house and are driving the natives wild.

“I’ve had four or five months of people sitting outside my home, going into my garden in San Francisco and angering my neighbors,” Pelosi said at a gathering sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

Pelosi added that the squatters have engaged in decidedly non-neighborly behavior like hanging their clothes from the trees; moving in sofas, chairs and other “permanent living facilities”; and, oddly, building a large Buddha on the sidewalk in front of her home. “You can just imagine my neighbors’ reactions to all of this,” she said. “And if they were poor, and they were sleeping on my sidewalk, they’d be arrested for loitering, but because they have ‘impeach Bush’ across their chest, it’s the First Amendment.”

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The Doomsday Code

anthony @ 17:15

For Punditman

First shown on Channel 4 in September 2006

In this Channel 4 documentary Tony Robinson investigates the people with powerful political friends in the White House, who are trying to bring about the end of the world. Julia Bard reports

Revelation, the last book in the New Testament, is filled with bizarre, violent and terrifying images. Its origins are unclear and its content is controversial. Some say it is the work of St John but many others believe he could not have been the author. But whoever wrote it, described apocalyptic visions of plagues, famines, wars, devils, wild beasts and rivers of blood. It is so strange and complex that scholars down the centuries have continually reinterpreted its message and meaning.

Today, though, a growing number of American evangelical Christians reckon they have cracked the code. These End Timers believe that every weird word of Revelation predicts real events. Like a Hollywood sci fi movie they say that any time now the world will end. And when it does, true believers in Christ will be whisked up to heaven in an event called The Rapture while non-believers are left behind on earth to face famine, war, terror and destruction as the forces of good and evil fight to the bitter end.


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Sudhan@14:00 CET

Special to Canadian Dimension, October 9, 2007

The words “Support Our Troops” stain the rear bumpers of thousands of cars. The slogan, however, conceals a more pernicious demand: “Support Our Mercenaries.” Yes, in Iraq, the mercenaries – euphemistically called “paid contractors” – outnumber US troops, 180,000 to 160,000. These contractors do more than provide armed security for US personnel. They do chores that previously belonged to regular army staff.

Private security companies employ for high pay former US soldiers, ex-kidnappers and torturers from Pinochet’s secret police, death squad heavies from a variety of Central and South American countries and a few leftover South African apartheid thugs as well. The companies collect billions from US taxpayers. A typical U.S. soldier serving in Iraq makes about: $57 a day. The estimated daily take for a Blackwater security guard there runs between $500- $600. (FACING SOUTH A News and Politics Report Sept. 26, 2007)

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