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Millions were in germ war tests

anthony @ 20:29 BST

Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials

Antony Barnett, public affairs editor | Observer | Sunday April 21, 2002

The Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public.

A government report just released provides for the first time a comprehensive official history of Britain’s biological weapons trials between 1940 and 1979.

Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told.


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Sudhan@20:55 CET

Young men from Myanmar who helped to inform the rest of the World through their blogs

Internet geeks share a common style, and Ko Latt and his four friends would not be out of place in cyber cafés across the world. They have the skinny arms and the long hair, the dark T-shirts and the jokey nicknames. But few such figures have ever taken the risks that they have in the past few weeks, or achieved so much in a noble and dangerous cause.

Since last month Ko Latt, 28, his friends Arca, Eye, Sun and Superman, and scores of others like them have been the third pillar of Burma’s Saffron Revolution. While the veteran democracy activists, and then the Buddhist monks, marched in their tens of thousands against the military regime, it is the country’s amateur bloggers and internet enthusiasts who have brought the images to the outside world.

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Shocking New Revelations On 9/11 Ground Zero Cover-Up

anthony @ 18:52 BST

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet | Friday, September 28, 2007

First responder heard WTC 7 demolition countdown, was warned to “shut up” when he reported secondary explosions


“When we saw the firemen pick up their equipment and start bustling back and forth they were getting ready to do something, we started asking questions,” said McPadden.

Despite numerous attempts to glean information from Red Cross officials, McPadden and other first responders were told nothing while one official, shortly after talking to firemen, held his hand over his radio and told them to “just sit tight” and “calm down” before admitting “they’re thinking about bringing the building down.”

McPadden and his colleagues were miffed as to what the official meant by this statement, initially thinking the building next to them was possibly being brought down.

“He took his hand off for the last three seconds of it – and you hear three, two, one,” said McPadden, adding that the official then gave a heartfelt look and told the first responders, “just run for your life.”

McPadden got the impression that the Red Cross official had been ordered not to give the first responders a warning that the building was coming down.

“And you heard – boom, boom, boom,” said McPadden, describing the sound of bombs tearing down the building.

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Why Did WTC 7’s Rooftop Penthouse Collapse Ahead Of The Rest Of The Tower?

Aidan Monaghan | 9/11 Blogger | Monday October 01, 2007

Why did the collapse of WTC 7 shortly after 5pm on September 11, 2001, begin with the fall of the rooftop penthouse located on the east end of the tower? Based on the following images, one can see that significant structural damage to the southeast face of WTC 7, directly below the penthouse (yellow circle), apparently did not exist. This conclusion can be based on the survival of the pedestrian bridge located near street level, directly below this rooftop penthouse (red circle). The absence of heavy structural steel from WTC 1 in the region of this bridge (right), virtually eliminates the possibility that significant damage to the southeast face of WTC 7, lead to the onset of WTC 7’s collapse.

By comparison, debris from the collapsing WTC 2 is known to have damaged the nearby Bankers Trust building. Debris from WTC 2 that impacted with the Bankers Trust building is clearly visible on the ground beneath the building itself.

Publications such as ‘Popular Mechanics’ have repeatedly alleged that still unverified damage to WTC 7 lead to its collapse:

“On about a third of the face to the center and to the bottom — approximately 10 stories — about 25 percent of the depth of the building was scooped out.”


The start of WTC 7’s collapse, beginning with the east end rooftop penthouse:

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by Geezer Power ….9:24 am

Daily Mail UK

Slaughter: Executed monks have been dumped in the jungle


Last updated at 15:04pm on 1st October 2007

Thousands of protesters are dead and the bodies of hundreds of executed monks have been dumped in the jungle, a former intelligence officer for Burma’s ruling junta has revealed.

The most senior official to defect so far, Hla Win, said: “Many more people have been killed in recent days than you’ve heard about. The bodies can be counted in several thousand.”

Mr Win, who spoke out as a Swedish diplomat predicted that the revolt has failed, said he fled when he was ordered to take part in a massacre of holy men. He has now reached the border with Thailand.

Meanwhile, the United Nations special envoy was in Burma’s new capital today seeking meetings with the ruling military junta.

Ibrahim Gambari met detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Rangoon yesterday. But he has yet to meet the country’s senior generals as he attempts to halt violence against monks and pro-democracy activists.

It is anticipated the meeting will happen tomorrow.

Heavily-armed troops and police flooded the streets of Rangoon during Mr Ibrahim’s visit to prevent new protests.

Mr Gambari met some of the country’s military leaders in Naypyidaw yesterday and has returned there for further talks. But he did not meet senior general Than Shwe or his deputy Maung Aye – and they have issued no comment.

Slaughter: Executed monks have been dumped in the jungle

Reports from exiles along the frontier confirmed that hundreds of monks had simply “disappeared” as 20,000 troops swarmed around Rangoon yesterday to prevent further demonstrations by religious groups and civilians.

Word reaching dissidents hiding out on the border suggested that as well as executions, some 2,000 monks are being held in the notorious Insein Prison or in university rooms which have been turned into cells.

There were reports that many were savagely beaten at a sports ground on the outskirts of Rangoon, where they were heard crying for help.

Others who had failed to escape disguised as civilians were locked in their bloodstained temples.

There, troops abandoned religious beliefs, propped their rifles against statues of Buddha and began cooking meals on stoves set up in shrines.

In stark contrast, the streets of Rangoon and Mandalay – centres of the attempted saffron revolution last week – were virtually deserted.


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Shifting Targets

anthony @ 16:25 BST

The Administration’s plan for Iran.

by Seymour M. Hersh | The New Yorker | October 8, 2007

In a series of public statements in recent months, President Bush and members of his Administration have redefined the war in Iraq, to an increasing degree, as a strategic battle between the United States and Iran. “Shia extremists, backed by Iran, are training Iraqis to carry out attacks on our forces and the Iraqi people,” Bush told the national convention of the American Legion in August. “The attacks on our bases and our troops by Iranian-supplied munitions have increased. . . . The Iranian regime must halt these actions. And, until it does, I will take actions necessary to protect our troops.” He then concluded, to applause, “I have authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran’s murderous activities.”


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US trains Gulf air forces for war with Iran

Sudhan@10:00 CET

By Tim Shipman in Washington,

The American air force is working with military leaders from the Gulf to train and prepare Arab air forces for a possible war with Iran, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

  • Neocons seek to justify action against Teheran
  •   Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    Iranian president Ahmadinejad

    An air warfare conference in Washington last week was told how American air chiefs have helped to co-ordinate intelligence-sharing with Gulf Arab nations and organise combined exercises designed to make it easier to fight together.

    Gen Michael Mosley, the US Air Force chief of staff, used the conference to seek closer links with allies whose support America might need if President George W Bush chooses to bomb Iran.

    Pentagon air chiefs have helped set up an air warfare centre in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where Gulf nations are training their fighter pilots and America has big bases. It is modelled on the US Air Force warfare centre at Nellis air force base in Nevada.

    Jordan and the UAE have both taken part in combined exercises designed to make sure their air forces can fly, and fight, together and with American jets.


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