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by- Suzie-Q @ 9:14 PM MST

Here is a video from 1982 with Senator Larry Craig denying wrongdoing with Congressional Pages.

Karma is not always nice…

Hat Tip to Jolly Roger at Reconstitution Blog.  😉

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Conyers: Impeachment Is Not Off My Table!

by- Suzie-Q @ 7:34 PM MST

Rep. John Conyers declared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could not stop him from beginning impeachment proceedings in the House Judiciary Committee against a ‘long list of people’in the Bush administration, although he did not make a firm commitment to begin proceedings.

“Nancy Pelosi has impeachment ‘off the table,’ but that’s off her table, it is not off John Conyers’ table,” the Michigan Democrat said during a town hall meeting in his district Tuesday. “Nancy Pelosi, who I actually supported, cannot prevent me from introducing an impeachment resolution against, well I’ve got a long list of people who are eligible.”


Please Note From This Article-  The 21-term congressman, who took control of the Judiciary Committee this year, boasted that he was the first to introduce a resolution calling for Richard Nixon’s impeachment.

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by- Suzie-Q @ 5:32 PM MST

Photo- HuffPo

To mark the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, President Bush spoke today at the Dr. Martin Luther King Charter School for Math and Science, “armed with facts and figures” to show how much he has done. This appearance marked the fourth time in a row that Bush has chosen a charter school as a backdrop for his Gulf Coast appearance.

Today, Bush proclaimed, “I come telling the folks in this part of the world we still understand the problems.” He bragged that the federal government has provided Louisiana with $700 million in emergency education funds to rebuild the school system. “I believe in freedom to manage and accountability to make sure everybody learns,” said Bush. “It’s what I call challenging the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Watch the video/More

Read more about the video at http://whenthesaints.org/

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Evening Jukebox… Voyeur

by- Suzie-Q @ 5:18 PM MST

Good Evening Justice Bloggers!

Another great classic from the fantastic ’80’s.   🙂

Kim Carnes- Voyeur

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Iran: Here We Go …

by- Mentarch … 19:30 EDT

Mushroom cloud as the smoking gun“, anyone?

President Bush, not to be outdone, has one better: “The shadow of a nuclear holocaust“.

In the first case, it was about Iraq, WMDs and regime change.

In the second case, this is about Iran, WMDs … and regime change.


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by GEF @ 5:32 PM EDT

GOP Senators Say Craig Should Resign

WASHINGTON — Idaho Sen. Larry Craig’s political support eroded significantly Wednesday as three fellow Republicans in Congress called for his resignation and party leaders pushed him from senior committee posts.

The White House expressed its disappointment, too _ and not a word of support for the 62-year-old lawmaker, who pleaded guilty earlier this month to a charge stemming from an undercover police operation in an airport men’s room.

Craig “represents the Republican party,” said Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan, the first fellow GOP member of Congress to urge a resignation.


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You Have No Rights

anthony @ 19:35 BST

I have been stopping by at Truthdig, to which the great Gore Vidal himself occasionally contributes, for several days now and each time I do so I cannot help but notice the picture, the title and the name of the author (Rothschild) of this piece. Today, I finally took the plunge and read it.

Posted on Aug 14, 2007

Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive and author of “You Have No Rights,” explains how our president became a “medieval king,” and why your civil liberties are in greater danger than ever.

Click here to listen to this interview.

Click here to read transcript.


I took the title of the book from a couple of brothers, Yasser and Hany Ibrahim, who were Egyptians living in the United States after 9/11 and they had the police come knock on their door, come in and drag them away and hold them in a pen for 24 hours where they weren’t allowed even to go to the bathroom. And then they dragged them through the Metropolitan Detention Center, banging their heads against the walls, especially on the wall that had an American flag on it. And then these guards played a little sadistic game, stepping on the chain between their legs, and then they’d fall down, and then the guards would say “Get up!” and then they’d step on the chain and then they’d say “Get up!” again. Ultimately, one of the brothers said to the guards, “Look, don’t we have any rights here?” And the response came back, “You have no rights.” What rights do we have, actually, if the president can say, even of U.S. citizens, that you’re enemy combatants and throw you in jail as he did, into solitary confinement, of two American citizens: Yaser Hamdi and Jose Padilla. And the Military Commissions Act allows them to identify any of us as an enemy combatant, and if you’re not a U.S. citizen, you can be thrown into jail and never have a right to talk to a lawyer or see a courtroom again for the rest of your lives.

Several months ago, shortly after the HoR voted on the Military Commissions Act, I posted this comment (now an article on the “Tyranny” page of my own blogsite, Friends of the American Revolution), on the Old Faux Fitz Blog, in which I characterised the Act as “FRIGHTENING! VERY, VERY FRIGHTENING!”, and which concluded with the words: “Whatever you do, do something buddies, because this is your darkest hour.”

Our very own GEF posted this rejoinder which I think is apposite:


Here’s the true math…

No matter what ‘they’ do to you or not do to you, you die anyway…

So you might as well stop the fear and LIVE FREE!!

Our Founding Fathers knew that very well…

Remember the Phrase:


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