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by- Suzie-Q @ 8:48 PM MST

This morning, CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux reported that “very senior level sources” inside the administration are telling her that Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff will replace Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Additionally, these sources say Chertoff will be replaced at Homeland Security by Clay Johnson III, the Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget.

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When For-Profit Corporations Rule The Day

by- Mentarch … 20:55 EDT

By now, we’ve gotten used to hearing voices from lobbyists and politicians for the need to make government less costly and more efficient by outsourcing its services through awarding contracts to the private sector. All for the good of free market competitiveness, thus ensuring better services at cheaper costs – right?

Among many of the dark, sad and tragic tales and lessons that the Iraq War keeps serving us, if not actually reminding us of, there is one which offers us a glimpse into the future of for-profit corporation-provided governmental services and for-profit corporation direct influence, if not control, over our lives.

This future is dystopic and inhuman – frighteningly enough, this is not science-fiction but reality … today.


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BAM! Gotcha! Pervert Sen. Larry Craig(R-Ohio) Guilty!

by GEF @ 7:22 PM EDT

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) arrested: Guilty!


There have been rumors swirling for years about Sen. Larry Craig’s (R-Idaho) personal life, subcription-only Roll Call reports this afternoon that the rumors might very well be true.

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in June at a Minnesota airport by a plainclothes police officer investigating lewd conduct complaints in a men’s public restroom, according to an arrest report obtained by Roll Call Monday afternoon.

Craig’s arrest occurred just after noon on June 11 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. On Aug. 8, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct in the Hennepin County District Court. He paid more than $500 in fines and fees, and a 10-day jail sentence was stayed. He also was given one year of probation with the court that began on Aug. 8.

It’s obviously to know whether the charges have merit, but it doesn’t sound encouraging for the conservative Republican senator. Greg Sargent notes the details.

John Amato: He paid a 500.00 fine. I got this from Larry: “Meet the PressJanuary 24, 1999, Sunday 9:00 AM

MR. RUSSERT: Larry Craig, would you want the last word from the Senate be an acquittal of the president and no censure?

SEN. CRAIG: Well, I don’t know where the Senate’s going to be on that issue of an up or down vote on impeachment, but I will tell you that the Senate certainly can bring about a censure reslution and it’s a slap on the wrist. It’s a, “Bad boy, Bill Clinton. You’re a naughty boy.” The American people already know that Bill Clinton is a bad boy, a naughty boy.

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by- Suzie-Q @ 4:15 PM MST

It’s been a week since eight Indian men were chased through the small eastern town of Muegeln, Germany, by a drunken mob while people looked on.

In the last seven days, speculation about why it happened, finger-pointing, soul-searching, worries and concerns over the violent incident have followed and brought back to the forefront issues of right-wing extremism, neo-Nazism and xenophobia in Germany.

In a country that has taken great pains to highlight recent historical transgressions and where Nazi activities are outlawed, the question arises once more: Is Germany facing the return of neo-Nazism?

After a brawl at a street festival, the eight Indian men suddenly found themselves being attacked by dozens of angry German youths shouting “Foreigners out” and “foreigners go back where you belong.”


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by- Suzie-Q @ 11:50 AM MST

One of the most repeated criticisms of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’s tenure was that he continued to serve as Bush’s lawyer, rather than the nation’s lawyer. “He lacked independence, he lacked judgment, and he lacked the spine to say no to Karl Rove,” said Senate Majority Harry Reid (D-NV) in a statement today.

The media are reporting that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is the frontrunner to replace Gonzales. Yet it’s not clear that Chertoff will be any more independent or competent.

Most recently, Chertoff was criticized for claiming that he had a “gut feeling” the nation faced a heightened chance of a terrorist attack this summer. As head of the agency overseeing FEMA, he managed the administration’s bungled response to Hurricane Katrina. He also faced bipartisan criticism for his agency’s misallocation of terrorism funding.


FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS With Stevie Ray Vaughan- Tuff Enuf

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Bush And Cornyn React To Gonzales Departure: It’s Sad

by- Suzie-Q @ 11:15 AM MST

President Bush, commenting on Alberto Gonzales’ resignation this morning, said, “It is sad.” Bush isn’t the only one in mourning. Appearing on MSNBC and CNN, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) repeated the same talking point. “I think it’s a sad thing,” Cornyn said, adding that today is “a sad day.” (Watch the video)

In a statement released this morning, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers finds the true sadness in the situation. “It is a sad day when the Attorney General of the United States resigns amid a cloud of suspicion that the system of justice has been manipulated for political purposes,” Conyers said.

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Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops

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Fetch It Yourself!

posted by anthony @17:25 BST

cartoon by Mike Luckovich


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