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Bush’s War On Zombies

by- Suzie-Q @ 4:50 PM MST

President Bush declares new plan to fight the Zombie threat. Bush asks for $50 billion to protect America from Zombies! LOL

Bush is a genius and he will smoke ’em out! LMAO

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The Spin; I’m In! Good Causes..

by GEF @ 6:35 PM EDT

Remembering now how nice America used to be…

I am of the consensus that Americans from Coast to Coast must learn to deal with their Fears in order to cope with the false choices being presented by our leaders of choosing Security over Freedom..

Other world nations are learning from us and we see them making the same errors…

Our Founding Fathers clearly said that Freedom mattered most and they had far less Technology than we do now…Our whole way of life is built upon those inherited ideals. Freedom! That word is so hostile to despotic tyrants who think they can crush our very spirits…How wrong they are!

The real issue confronting all of us then becomes Fear(and how others have used that fear to make you afraid and thereby controlling you) and so it then becomes imperative that we must all deal with those Fears, before we can move forward together into a bright future and to an even better way than it used to be….- GEF

Peter Frampton – Baby I Love your way!

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British Troops pulling out of Basra; There they Go…

by GEF @ 5:22 PM EDT

Via Dailykos

Coverage Of The British Pull-Out in Basra

Sun Aug 26, 2007 at 09:03:06 AM PDT

The British press has had stories about this, but the American press has been relatively quiet about this story. From the AP via IHT:

BASRA, Iraq: Shiite militiamen from the Mahdi Army took over the police joint command center in Basra on Sunday after British soldiers withdrew from the facility and handed control to the Iraqi police, witnesses said.

Police left the building when the militiamen, loyal to anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, arrived, the witnesses said.

The British military disputed the reports, saying they had been in contact with the Iraqi general in charge of security in Basra, who has said the Mahdi Army was not there.

But the witnesses said the Mahdi Army emptied the building — taking generators, computers, furniture and even cars, saying it was war booty — and remained there in the early evening.

The British military had maintained a small number of soldiers at the command center to help train Iraqi police.

There’s, of course, more to the story, as the Brit press notes. From the Independent:

US ‘will not stop’ British pull-out at Basra Palace
By Marie Woolf, Political Editor
Published: 26 August 2007

British troops will withdraw to the last military stronghold in Iraq imminently, and will not be “swayed by domestic political considerations” – including relations with the US – senior government sources said yesterday.

Defence ministry insiders confirmed last night that Britain plans to stick to its timetable to pull out of its stronghold at Basra Palace “within days or weeks”, despite misgivings from US military and government figures that local Iraqi forces are not ready to take control.

US commanders in Baghdad want Britain to delay the pull-out of 500 British troops, fearing the Iraqi security services are not sufficiently well trained or equipped to control lawlessness.

But in frank discussions between British and American military commanders on the ground, Britain has made it clear it believes the Iraqis are perfectly capable of taking over as early as next week.

The pull-out to Basra airport will have a significant impact on the safety of British troops who are the target of increasingly frequent attacks.

From The Sunday Herald:

Iraq: The end?
The future presence of allied troops in Iraq is uncertain, as army chiefs voice criticism and the death toll keeps on rising. By Diplomatic Editor Trevor Royle

GENERALS RARELY make off-the-cuff comments. Everything they say is measuredandcarefully controlled; after all, lives could depend oneverywordand nuance. That’s why senior commanders and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic sat up and took notice when General Jack Keane, formerly of the US army, accused his opposite numbers in the British Army of “general disengagement from the key issues around Basra”.

It was not just that Keane was engaging in a high-profile spat with his country’s closest allies in the coalition forces occupying Iraq…

Rather, the general’s comments mean it is now open season on the future military policy of coalition forces in Iraq. Even before Keane made his statement it was no secret that Britain would be giving up its main base in the city at Basra Palace and soon reducing its troops to 3000 to protect the air bridge at the main airport. Following a visit to the area, Keane made his position perfectly clear and, considering his close links with the White House, it seems likely that his views are shared by President George Bush and his administration.

“The Brits,” said Keane, “have never had truly enough troops to protect the population.” So sure is Keane the British are about to pull out of Basra that he has recommended to the Pentagon that the US Army deploy a brigade group to replace it in case the insurgents take advantage of any power vacuum.

More from The Guardian, BBC, and Reuters UK.

Hmmm. Interesting story, perhaps with implications for Magical September. If our closest allies are pulling back despite criticism from Keane, who speaks for the WH, I wonder how that would be perceived by the American public in terms of a progress report? Does that require more troops sent south ? The Brits say no, but the US says maybe. I wonder when we’ll read more about it here?

Update [2007-8-26 13:0:27 by DemFromCT]: more background from 8/19/07
Military commanders tell Brown to withdraw from Iraq without delay (h/t smintheus)

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by- Suzie-Q @ 12:00 PM MST

In comparing the Vietnam and Iraq wars in a speech last week to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, President Bush implicitly acknowledged that the present course in Iraq bares similarities to the quagmire of Vietnam. Yet the lesson he took from Vietnam was that the United States withdrew too soon, using it as justification for to stay the course in Iraq:

One unmistakable legacy of Vietnam is that the price of America’s withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens, whose agonies would add to our vocabulary new terms, like boat people, reeducation camps and killing fields.

Today on ABC’s This Week, Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA), a Vietnam veteran who supported the Vietnam war, said that Bush’s conclusion is inaccurate. According to Webb, in Vietnam, the “overall strategic objective” was directly related to the reason for going to war — i.e. ensuring “South Vietnam not fall to communism.” But the “implementation became flawed” and the United States needed to withdraw. On Iraq, he stated:

In Iraq, we’re having a reverse situation. We have an overall strategic objective that was not directly related to what we were attempting to do in the war against international terrorism. We have good people implementing a bad strategy. It’s just not the same situation. … We’re not going to have stability in that region until the American troops are out of Iraq.


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Voices From The Gulf

by- Suzie-Q @ 11:04 AM MST

From Cliff Schecter at his blog.

Please go visit this site. You will find the stories of thousands upon thousands of people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

These stories have still not been told and they need to be. So please go to the site, listen to their stories and add your own if you have one.

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Look Momma, The Russian Nuclear Bear is Back!

by GEF @ 12:52 EDT


Russian Satan SS-18(RS-20) Missle

by J. R. Nyquist

Since 1998 I have publicly warned of Russia’s war preparations. The idea of preparing for nuclear war is absurd for most Americans, because the idea of nuclear war makes no sense in a consumer society. However that may be, Russia’s war preparations were as undeniable then as they are today. And Russia is not a consumer society. In the late 1990s Russia was refurbishing huge nuclear war bunkers and building underground cities. The only purpose such bunkers and cities could serve is in relation to a future nuclear war. For a country that was supposedly broke to be spending its precious resources on something so expensive, so far out of the way of “normal” expectations, seemed inexplicable. “Oh well,” people would shrug. “The Russians are used to doing this sort of thing. It gives them psychological comfort. Let them do what they want. It needn’t trouble us.” The public missed the fact, however, that Russia was continuing to violate arms control agreements. It was not admitting to all the nuclear warheads it possessed, and was not reliably disposing of them. It was developing new, deadly, biological and chemical weapons.


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by GEF @ 11:02 AM EDT

For those familiar with George Orwells Book 1984, detailing the rise of another Nazi Reich on steroids, nothing could occur, more revealing and disturbing, then to see the same things happening in your own nation.

George Orwell wrote: “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act!”

If you live here in the USA and take a hard look around you, you first go into shock and then discover the similarities we have with Nazi Germany!

America was never a Homeland. America used to be a country and a hard working nation that minded it’s own business Internationally. That is until ‘they’ came among us again…

As we can see NOW that telling the truth has become a Revolutionary Act here in America.

So then that means that we are witnessing the Third Reich rise again and operate right here in the “Homeland(formally Fatherland in Germany)….”



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