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The Spin; I’m In: RearView Blogging…

by GEF @ 8:52 PM EDT

It’s that Time once again Justice Peeps to show Apathetic Americans why we hate this war with this ditty from Last year…

Keep those Hummers rolling and keep sticking magnetic yellow ribbons up your Apathy!

Let’s keep our Soldiers there forever!!!

Asylum Street Spankers Video

Not Your Soldier!

Unclassified: Media Project #2

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by GEF @ 6:22 PM


Impeachment Image on California Beach with many people!

Impeachment: The One-Word Solution

Congress continues to say that they don’t want to pursue impeachment because “it would distract the country from the real issue at hand: getting us out of the Iraq War.” Well, Harry and Nancy, these people are not going to stop until they are pulled from their comfy, nine-hundred dollar chairs in the Oval Office, pulled to the lawn kicking and screaming, and then we would have to hear from them how unfair it is that they are removed from their jobs (jobs whose titles they believe are “King of the Universe” and “Co-King of the Universe but Sit At Smaller Desk”). BUSH IMPEACHMENT IS THE ONLY WAY!

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President Cannot Ignore Impeachment

Tue Jul 31, 4:07 PM ET

The Nation — After months of revelations about his ham-handed attempts to politicize investigations and prosecutions by U.S. Attorneys and sections of the Department of Justice he heads, after his repeated refusals to cooperate with Congress and his deliberate attempts to deceive the House and Senate judiciary committees, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has invited impeachment to an extent rarely seen in the long and sordid history of executive assaults on the rule of law.

And Congressman Jay Inslee is answering the invitation.

The Washington Democrat moved Tuesday to introduce a resolution that directs the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether Alberto R. Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States, should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.

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Kucinich receives pro-impeachment petitions with more than 120K signatures

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) said his push to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney is gaining support among the American people as he collected petitions with more than 100,000 signatures supporting the effort.

“I made it very clear that I was not alone,” Kucinich said. “Today I am proud to see that hundreds of thousands of Americans have joined this effort.”

Pro-impeachment activists circulated petitions around the country and collected signatures online, at ImpeachCheney.org. Kucinich spoke on in the Capitol beside a two-foot stack of paper bearing more than 120,000 signatures supporting Cheney’s ouster.

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Anarchy Sign

This is the Alternative–>
So Congress better think it through!

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by Geezer Power …3:06 PM PDT

What Nancy Pelosi should say:

OK fine Duhbub, congress is on overtime. This will give them time to do the real screamers. The first thing on the agenda will be “Operation Fasttrack” so that multi-impeachment processes can be put into motion. Mainly You, Cheney, and Gonzo with others to follow. Holy Joe comes to mind, and Steney Hoyer is not far behind.

The Resident’s Radio address which sounds to me like it is done with a voice synthesizer. Why is it that the only flawless speech we hear from him is on his weekly radio address? Yep…listen closely folks, it’s digital Dubya?

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush said Friday that Congress must stay in session until it approves legislation modernizing a U.S. law governing eavesdropping on foreigners.

“So far the Democrats in Congress have not drafted a bill I can sign,” Bush said at FBI headquarters, where he was meeting with counterterror and homeland security officials. “We’ve worked hard and in good faith with the Democrats to find a solution, but we are not going to put our national security at risk. Time is short.”

The president said lawmakers cannot leave for their August recess this weekend as planned unless they “pass a bill that will give our intelligence community the tools they need to protect the United States.”

Bush has the authority under the Constitution to call Congress back into session once it has recessed or adjourned, but White House spokeswoman Dana Perrino said talk of him doing that is premature.

“We cannot imagine that Congress would leave without fixing the problem,” she said.

The rest of the story

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by- Suzie-Q @ 2:45 PM MST

Just some things our friend Paul Rieckoff and IAVA have been up to.


Each year, approximately 115,300 veterans attempt suicide. That’s nearly one in five suicide attempts nationwide.

In May, IAVA worked with Representative Jim Moran of Virginia and endorsed the ‘Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline Act of 2007’. Hearing the demand, Congress pushed The Department of Veterans Affairs to provide a resource for veterans in crisis.

On Monday, the VA responded by announcing a new national suicide prevention hotline for veterans. The toll-free number, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), is always open, and is staffed by mental health professionals.

H/T to Paddy at Cliff’s blog.

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Court Sides With Congressman On FBI Raid

by- Suzie-Q @ 2:00 PM MST

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department trampled on congressional independence when raiding U.S. Rep. William Jefferson’s office last year, a federal appeals court ruled Friday, siding with Congress in a constitutional showdown.

In a rare textbook case involving all three branches of government, the court held that investigators violated the Constitution by reviewing legislative documents as part of a corruption investigation.

The court ordered the Justice Department to return any legislative documents it seized from the Louisiana Democrat’s office on Capitol Hill. Still undecided is whether prosecutors can use other records it confiscated as part of their bribery case against Jefferson.


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Afternoon Jukebox… Show Me The Way

by- Suzie-Q @ 1:50 PM MST

Good Afternoon Justice Bloggers!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! 🙂

Peter Frampton- Show Me The Way

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Iraqi Civilians Under The Deadly Occupation

Sudhan@20:45 CET

The Nation/Editorial, July 30, 2007 issue

One day in January 2005, an elderly couple was driving down a road in Mosul, Iraq, when without realizing it they passed through a makeshift US military checkpoint. The checkpoint, recalled a sergeant who came upon the scene, was “very poorly marked.” Yet, he said, the soldiers “got spooked” and opened fire. The bodies of the couple sat in the car for three days, the sergeant said, “while we drove by them day after day.”

That incident was no Haditha or Abu Ghraib. It was a fairly typical day for Iraqis under US occupation. As Chris Hedges and Laila Al-Arian make clear in their exhaustive investigation in this issue, the degradation and killing of civilians by US troops have become commonplace in Iraq.

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