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Fein Argues For Bush And Cheney Impeachment

by- Suzie-Q @ 7:03 PM MST

Former Reagan administration lawyer Bruce Fein recently sat down with the editors of the San Francisco Chronicle to discuss how “George W. Bush’s foreign policies are making Americans less safe, and why the president and Vice President Dick Cheney should be impeached.”

You can listen to the audio here.


Olbermann Talks With Bruce Fein

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John Edwards: “They Want To Shut Me Up”

by- Suzie-Q @ 5:05 PM MST

John Edwards talks about health care, fair tax system and the war in Iraq.  July 26, 2007

John Edwards

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by- Suzie-Q @ 4:01 PM MST

On Fox News Sunday this morning, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) refused to defend Attorney General Alberto Gonzales against accusations that he may have perjured himself before Congress. “It’s very damaging…we badly need an attorney general who is above any question,” said Gingrich. He continued:

Both the president and country are better served if the attorney general is a figure of competence. Sadly, the current attorney general is not seen as any of those things. I think it’s a liability for the president. More importantly, it’s a liability for the United States of America.

Later in the show, host Chris Wallace revealed that no conservative would willingly defend Gonzales on Fox. “By the way, we invited White House officials and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to defend Attorney General Gonzales,” said Wallace. “We had no takers.”


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Rove Still Has Advice To Dish

by- Suzie-Q @ 2:49 PM MST

Bob Novak reports that Karl Rove believes he knows how to get the GOP back on solid ground.

Karl Rove, President Bush’s political lieutenant, told a closed-door meeting of 2008 Republican House candidates and their aides Tuesday that it was less the war in Iraq than corruption in Congress that caused their party’s defeat in the 2006 elections.

Rove’s clear advice to the candidates is to distance themselves from the culture of Washington. Specifically, Republican candidates are urged to make clear they have no connection with disgraced congressmen such as Duke Cunningham and Mark Foley.

In effect, Rove was rebutting the complaint inside the party that George W. Bush is responsible for Republican miseries by invading Iraq.

You’ll remember, of course, that this is the same Rove who assured Republican candidates in 2006 that Dems couldn’t possibly win back both chambers of Congress. When pushed before the elections about the polls favoring Dems, Rove told NPR that he’d found a secret math that gives him insights that mere mortals can’t comprehend.


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by- Suzie-Q @ 2:18 PM MST

Only in the Bush administration.

President Bush’s nominee to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was the subject of “at least one complaint of employee abuse,” as McClatchy reported Monday. The nominee, David Palmer, was the subject of the complaint when he was (again, prepare yourself for the irony) the chief of the employment litigation section in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

Palmer was a career lawyer at the Department, but according to a letter from eight veterans of the section, he became indistinguishable from the political appointees in the way that he led the section:

The Section has failed in its core mission to secure the rights of African-Americans, Hispanics, women, and other protected groups, as the number of cases has declined precipitously. On the other hand, the Section filed two reverse discrimination pattern or practice lawsuits under Mr. Palmer’s tenure. In addition, it immersed itself in defending the rights of employers to discriminate based on religion.

You can read the letter here. It was sent Monday to Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) who chairs the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, which will handle Palmer’s nomination.


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Oscar the Death Cat “dogging” Gonzo!!!

Posted by Basheert @11:00 AM MST

From DailyKOS

HILARIOUS – we’re still laughing…Happy Sunday everyone!!!


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Scandal Fatigue

by- Suzie-Q @ 8:20 AM MST

WASHINGTON—It’s way past bedtime for Gonzo. At this point, every day Alberto Gonzales continues as attorney general means more dishonor for the office and the nation—and higher blood pressure for Senate Judiciary Committee members trying desperately to get a straight answer out of the man.

Gonzo has managed to do something no one else in Washington has managed in years: create a spirit of true bipartisanship. After his pathetic act in front of the committee Tuesday, it’s no surprise that Democrats are threatening to investigate him for perjury. But it was Sen. Arlen Specter, a Republican, who looked Gonzo in the face and told him, “I do not find your testimony credible, candidly.”

Specter seems ready to pop a gasket. “The hearing two days ago was devastating” for Gonzo, Specter said Thursday. “But so was the hearing before that, and so was the hearing before that.”

Over time, one becomes almost numb to this administration’s relentless lies and can-you-top-this transgressions. A kind of “outrage fatigue” sets in, accompanied by the knowledge that whatever it is that they’ve done this time, it could have been worse.


Senate Dems Call For Gonzales Investigation

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Behold The Wisdom Of Sheep

by- Mentarch … 3:16 EDT

(Updated below)

I just read something that has verily shocked and outraged me. Via Raw StoryWorkers told to shape up or pay up:

Looking for new ways to trim the fat and boost workers’ health, some employers are starting to make overweight employees pay if they don’t slim down. Others, citing growing medical costs tied to obesity, are offering fit workers lucrative incentives that shave thousands of dollars a year off health care premiums.”

At the last, the companies and corporations are now flatly coming out, unafraid and unfettered, to proclaim their intent of actually controlling your lives as they see fit.


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