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Of Incompetence, Delusions Of Grandeur And Monomania

by- Mentarch … 22:50 EDT

(Updated below)

Monomania (mon-o-ma-ni-a):
1. Pathological obsession with one idea or subject.
2. Intent concentration on or exaggerated enthusiasm for a single subject or idea.

The marketing of personality is changing from a cottage to a growth industry (…) The trend coincides with a current journalistic emphasis, even in the respectables, on what is interesting, against what is important. (The important may make a comeback in news interest but at the moment lacks either the urgency of danger or the stimulus of hope.) Recognizing this shift, politicians constantly conduct polls about their image and resist too much identity with substance (…) Everywhere the cult of personality prevails (…) There is less of journalistic prying now, even though gossip and gossip columning are still around. Gossip flourishes particularly in Washington, where political hypocrisy still lends savor to misbehavior (…) Celebrityhood lives by publicity and must be ready to be “interesting” on cue (…) But an interest in people won’t go away: it is as old as Plutarch, and apt to survive as long as humans do.

The preceding constitutes a collage of choice statements from an August 1978 Time Magazine piece, “America’s own cult of personality” (with emphasis mine).

Thirty-minus-one years later, things have only gotten worse in this respect – in both the U.S.A. and Canada.


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AH HA! So this is why Jim Nicholson(VA) quit his Job!

by GEF @ 6:16 PM EDT

BAM!! 😉


Our very own Suzie-Q was right about this..
WAY TO GO S-Q! See previous post

Suzie-Q said:
July 17th, 2007 at 11:14 am · Edit


Yes he should have been fired long ago..
He must be resigning because of lawsuits!

Injured Iraq War Veterans Sue VA Head

WASHINGTON — Frustrated by delays in health care, injured Iraq war veterans accused VA Secretary Jim Nicholson in a lawsuit of breaking the law by denying them disability pay and mental health treatment.The lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, filed Monday in federal court in San Francisco, seeks broad changes in the agency as it struggles to meet growing demands from veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Suing on behalf of hundreds of thousands of veterans, it charges that the VA has failed warriors on numerous fronts. It contends the VA failed to provide prompt disability benefits, failed to add staff to reduce wait times for medical care and failed to boost services for post-traumatic stress disorder.

The lawsuit also accuses the VA of deliberately cheating some veterans by allegedly working with the Pentagon to misclassify PTSD claims as pre-existing personality disorders to avoid paying benefits. The VA and Pentagon have generally denied such charges.


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Tell Congress To Begin Impeachment Proceedings NOW!!

by- Suzie-Q @ 1:20 PM MST

Okay, it’s time to take democracy in our hands…


Bree Walker told me, on the air, that Conyers said that all he needs is three more Congress Members backing impeachment, and he’ll move on it, even without Pelosi. I asked whether that meant specifically moving from 14 cosponsors of H Res 333 to 17, or adding 3 to the larger number of Congress Members who have spoken favorably of impeachment but not all signed onto bills. Bree said she didn’t know and that Conyers had declined to take any questions.

Either way, this target of three more members seems perfectly doable. It’s safe to assume, I think, that we’re talking about impeaching Cheney first. But, even if Conyers is talking about Bush, the target is perfectly achievable.

Democrats.com is pushing for you to get your representatives working for you…from their email:

We’ve reached the impeachment moment for Vice President Dick Cheney. We’ve pushed the cosponsor list for H. Res. 333 up to 14. Chairman John Conyers says that if we get 3 more he’ll begin the impeachment proceedings.

And many Congress Members must be recognizing that there is no other path available. Cheney and Bush have repeatedly refused to comply with subpoenas, ordered former staffers not to comply, and announced that the Justice Department will not enforce contempt citations from Congress. When a special prosecutor attempted to hold this administration accountable, Cheney’s chief of staff obstructed justice, and Cheney persuaded Bush to commute his sentence. There is no course left for Congress but Impeachment.

[..] (T)ake two minutes on Monday and do two things: phone Chairman Conyers at 202-225-5126 and ask him to start the impeachment of Dick Cheney; and phone your own Congress Member at 202-224-3121 and ask them to immediately call Conyers’ office to express their support for impeachment. Your Congress Member might be one of the three needed, not just to keep impeachment activists out of jail but to keep this nation from devolving into dictatorship.

Also email your Representatives and demand that they get on board. Make the roar from the voters deafening.

C & L

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Justice Dept. Drops Massive Fraud Case

by- Suzie-Q @ 1:00 PM MST

WASHINGTON — Two years into a fraud investigation, veteran federal prosecutor David Maguire told colleagues he’d uncovered one of the biggest cases of his career.

Maguire described crimes “far worse” than those of Arthur Andersen, the accounting giant that collapsed in the wake of the Enron scandal. Among those in his sights: executives from a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, the investment empire overseen by billionaire Warren Buffett.

In May 2006, he felt strongly enough about his case that he prepared a draft indictment accusing executives from a Virginia insurer, Reciprocal of America, of concocting a series of secret deals to hide its losses from regulators. Although he didn’t name anyone from Berkshire Hathaway’s subsidiary, he described the company as a participant in the scheme.

But Maguire never brought those charges.

Months after preparing the draft, he was removed as the lead prosecutor on the case and reassigned.


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Happy Birthday To My Friend Lydia Cornell! :)

by- Suzie-Q @ 8:25 AM MST

What If?

In Corrie Ten Boom’s epic book The Hiding Place, she recounts her families struggles and imprisonment and betrayal. In one passage, after the deaths of her father and sister, she begins asking herself, What if.

She wonders What if they had been released from prison much sooner. What if she had been born at a different time. What if she had not taken such a major risk with her family.

Each one of us can ask the same question. What if we were born later. What if we had married someone different. What if we had taken that risk and went after our childhood dream.

Americans ask themselves everyday What if Al Gore had become President instead of Bush. What if the Supreme Court had ruled honestly. What if Ralph Nader had not ran that year.

As the war lingers on Americans wonder, What if Bush had pursued Bin Laden instead of needlessly attacking Iraq. What if Bush had not lied the country into war? What if Congress had said no.

Everyday Katrina victims wonder, What if Bush had seen help when the hurricane struck. What if those house trailers had arrived? What if thousands of people weren’t still homeless?

We live in a world of questions. We wonder what if free trade deals were not made, what if Bush had not driven the country into economic chaos, what if foreclosures weren’t at all time highs?

Our world has evolved into questions instead of answers. We no longer have certainty about tomorrow, we just hold on to today. We do have a few bright spots wedged between layers of questions and doubts.

For instance, what if a beautiful baby girl weren’t born in El Paso Texas, who is celebrating her birthday today. What if this same girl had not been a world traveler in her early years?

What if Aaron Spelling hadn’t noticed her and given her a break? What if she had not appeared in dozens of guest appearances on popular television shows? What if she had not starred for several years in a popular TV sitcom?

What if she hadn’t made dozens of movies, or written movies and TV scripts? What if she had never won the People’s Choice award, or been nominated for dozens of awards.

What if this famous actress had not developed her own blog, or became a co-host of a progressive radio talk show? What if she did not donate items for dozens of U.S troops, or work to feed the homeless in Los Angeles and Nashville?


This beautiful woman of TV fame, has also shown the world her kindness and grace. She amazes us with her gift of words, while stunning many with her knowledge of today’s events.

She may be a Hollywood Star, but she is also a lady of compassion and truth. We read her blog and wait with anticipation for her new book. She makes strangers feel special, friends feel their worth and she has truly changed our lives for the good.

What if a beautiful baby girl had not been born in El Paso, Texas on July 23rd, would we be wishing her Happy Birthday today?

Happy Birthday Lydia Cornell. You make our world much better to live in!


This is an actual Birthday Cake! 🙂

Have a wonderful Birthday Lydia! 🙂

Beatles- Birthday

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by- Suzie-Q @ 8:10 AM MST

In Stephen Hayes’s upcoming biography on Dick Cheney, he writes that the current Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell appears to side with “those who believe that the administration manipulated intelligence on Iraq for political purposes before the 2003 invasion.”

McConnell reportedly said he had “serious reservations” when asked by President Bush to become the DNI because of the Pentagon’s manipulation of intelligence in the lead up to the Iraq war. Today, Meet the Press host Tim Russert previewed the relevant portion of the book:

McConnell was honored to be asked [to be DNI], but he had serious reservations. He had been unimpressed with many aspects of the Bush administration and its conduct of the war on terror, particularly what he felt was a politicized use of intelligence in the lead-up to the Iraq war. […]

“My sense of it is their political faith and convictions influenced how they took information and interpreted [it], how they picked up and interpreted outside events. … I’ve read much more about the current set of players and they did set up a whole new interpretation because they didn’t like the answers. They’ve gotten results that in my view now have been disastrous,” [McConnell said].


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Even In Arizona, McCain’s Political Hold Loosens

by- Suzie-Q @ 8:07 AM MST

Photo- HuffPo

In his second bid for the presidency, the senator and his ‘straight talk’ are seen in a different light by home-state supporters.

PHOENIX — Gary Godsey liked all that “Straight Talk Express” stuff from John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign, liked that he seemed to make up his own mind on issues and not bend with the poll-driven winds. But these days, Godsey is less sure.

The same straight-talking, no-nonsense traits that Godsey once admired in the Vietnam War hero have morphed, in his mind, into intransigence. It’s a fine line, Godsey acknowledges, but a line nonetheless, and it is evidence of how McCain’s national political troubles have begun seeping into his support at home in Arizona’s parched landscape.

“I think he’s losing who he really is,” said Godsey, 64, a retiree from San Diego who lives in a new subdivision in Tolleson, Ariz., just outside Phoenix. Godsey said he voted for McCain, the Republican incumbent, in the state’s 2004 Senate race.

“He doesn’t come across like he used to. He’s too much like a control freak: ‘My way is the right way.’ He’s not going to bend,” Godsey said last week as he tucked away groceries in his tract house at the desert’s edge.

No one is ready to declare McCain vulnerable in Arizona — he won 76.7% of the vote in 2004 and doesn’t face reelection until 2010 — but, for the first time in a long time, political analysts and watchers say they see signs of weakness.

The cause is the same force weighing down McCain nationally: The war in Iraq is just as unpopular in Arizona as elsewhere, and it has cost McCain support among independents, the state’s fastest-growing block of voters.


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I told you so: Bush’s damage staggering

Sudhan@11:05 CET

By Dave Zweifel 7/18/2007

When George W. Bush was surprisingly re-elected president in November 2004, I predicted that in a couple of years — just like after the re-election of Richard Nixon — you’d have problems finding people who would admit having voted for him.

It’s unfortunate, but that is in fact the case in 2007 as even longtime Republicans are counting the days left until this administration is history.

Indeed, there are many Republicans joining the growing chorus that wants to impeach Bush and Dick Cheney and get rid of these two guys now before they do even more damage to this great country of ours.

Frankly, it’s remarkable how total the damage has been. The lies to get us into a war with Iraq and then the incompetence in handling it were bad enough. But the war is just a piece of the utter devastation that this administration has caused in everything from the administration of justice to the stewardship of our national parks, from the reputation of the Food and Drug Administration to the nation’s ability to respond to emergencies.

If shortsighted ideology didn’t get in the way of working for the common good, incompetent cronies did.

Instead of putting experienced foreign affairs people in jobs to handle the Iraqi transition from Saddam Hussein to some form of democracy, the administration filled those jobs with inexperienced, mostly young people, whose only qualification was that they were doctrinaire Republicans. It was the same sort of nonsense that prevailed at Homeland Security, where the completely unqualifed Michael “you’re doing a heckuva job” Brown turned FEMA into a national laughingstock.

Now comes the news that even the surgeon general’s office — a federal agency whose sole purpose is to promote the public’s health — was manipulated by the Bush team.

Former Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona testified before a congressional committee recently that the administration repeatedly tried to weaken or suppress important public health reports because of political considerations.

According to a New York Times story, Dr. Carmona told the committee that he wasn’t allowed to speak or issue reports about stem cells, emergency contraception, sex education or prison, mental health and global health issues. Whenever he gave a speech, he was instructed to make sure Bush’s name was mentioned at least three times on every page.

Plus, he was discouraged from attending the Special Olympics because of the charitable organization’s long ties to a “prominent family.” He wouldn’t give the name on the record, but he was obviously referring to the Kennedys, who have long been associated with the Olympic events for the disabled.

Bill Clinton may have had some personal defects, all of which led to his being impeached by a partisan House of Representatives. Like Alex Rodriguez of baseball fame, he may cheat on his wife, but he hit home runs when they mattered.

The Bush crowd is straight out of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

If lying about sex gets you impeached, what do we do with an administration whose lies have led to a world calamity and whose ideology trumps even common sense? The answer couldn’t be more clear.

Dave Zweifel is editor of The Capital Times.

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