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by- Suzie-Q @ 7:47 PM MST

The netroots have sparked a revolution and the rest of the nation should join the party, said the blogger known as Digby, accepting the Wellstone Citizenship Award at the Take Back America Conference.

Editor’s Note:The following is the text of the speech given by the pseudonymous blogger known as Digby on June 19 at the Take Back America conference, when she accepted the Paul Wellstone Citizen Leadership Award on behalf of progressive bloggers.

Those of you who know my blog, know that it is nearly impossible draw me from my secure bunker in the People’s Republic of Santa Monica. But when I was approached by my friend Rick Perlstein about accepting this award on behalf of the progressive blogosphere, I knew that it was an honor I could not refuse, not for myself, although I’m grateful, but for my fellow bloggers.

We are proud to be a part of the great progressive liberal tradition of Paul Wellstone and are grateful for your kind acknowledgment. Thank you. As there has been a lot said recently about the netroots and our influence on the Democratic party, this is especially rewarding.

And let’s just say we seem to have ruffled some feathers.

We’ve been called everything from witless to “some guy named Vinnie in a bathrobe and an efficiency apartment” to “blogofascists.” Some critics dismiss us as useless elites — the Metropolitan Opera crowd — or a “noisy Upper West Side cocktail party for the college-graduate class.” Still others take us to task for our “vitriolic, unhinged tone.”

The other day Tim Russert agreed “absolutely” with his gracious host, concerned centrist Sean Hannity, that the Democratic party was being unduly influenced by bloggers who were dragging the party kicking and screaming to the left.

Then there is the criticism that we are fascists or Stalinists demanding that everyone march in lockstep to the edicts of our leadership — generally assumed to be Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos — who apparently directs us with secret signals deeply embedded in the code of the Daily Kos web site while we carry on an elaborate ruse of spirited political debate and disagreement in public.

We are, in short, something of an enigma.

I like to call this phenomenon — irrational fear of hippies which has, in my view, become — irrational fear of political passion. Of all the criticisms I just mentioned, that is one we are all willing to accept.

We are passionate about politics, and in this era of Republican corruption, excess and failure, that passion sometimes manifests itself as anger. But how can you not be angry? So many institutions have failed us in the last decade that being vitriolic seems the only sane response.

And as for the idea that we are modern Stalinists: Does that makes any sense at all? We can’t even agree on what to call ourselves.

The netroots consist of a very lively and disparate group of citizens who are political observers, activists, readers and entrepreneurs communicating and organizing via the Internet.

We have opera-loving liberals from Georgia … Nascar-loving progressives from Chicago … and Grateful Dead-loving Democrats from … Florida. We are from everywhere, and our common tribal signifiers aren’t social status or professional authority or region.


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Evening Jukebox… Aint No Other Man

by- Suzie-Q @ 5:57 PM MST

Christina Aguilera – Aint No Other Man

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Ignoring Our Healthcare

By Larry @5:12 PM MDT

America has a long history of wars and conflicts in which the U.S military have been called in to fight. Wars like Korea and Viet Nam and the first Iraq War are examples of ways the military has been called on. Many do not realize that nearly two million U.S veterans are without the basic health insurance or any type of access to healthcare. The number of uninsured U.S veterans has increased by at least three hundred thousand soldiers since George W Bush took office.

Our veterans are not alone in the healthcare debacle. There are over forty seven million Americans without health insurance. In fact according to a Harvard Medical School study indicates the total amount of uninsured in America, equal the entire population in twenty five states.

The number one cause of bankruptcy in America was healthcare expenses. Nearly seventy percent of those who filed bankrupcy for medical reasons had some type of health insurance. This means their insurance coverage couldn’t adequately cover the rising medical costs.

A recent CNN survey found that nearly seventy percent of Americans surveyed would pay higher taxes if it meant healthcare coverage for all Americans. Seventy three percent of those surveyed would pay higher taxes if it meant all children would have healthcare coverage.

We live in the wealthiest nation in the world, yet more than forty seven million people lack healthcare. Our elected leaders enjoy the best healthcare in the country for life, yet we have millions of children with no coverage. The President of the United States has top coverage for himself and his spouse, yet nearly two million of our military veterans have no healthcare.

Something is definitely wrong with this picture. Our President sends soldiers off to war, yet he assumes no responsibility in seeing they have medical coverage once they are released from duty. Our elected leaders have the top healthcare coverage in the nation, for themselves and their spouses, yet forty seven million Americans worry about what tomorrow might bring.

The way a nations takes care of it’s citizens determines how that same nation will treat others in the world. By the lack of compassion the leadership has shown it’s uninsured and underinsured in America, is a true barometer of why the world looks upon our nation with disgust.

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Bill Paves Way For Canada’s ‘Disappearance’

by- Suzie-Q @ 4:10 PM MST

Critics say country moving toward ‘deep integration’ with U.S.


Lawmakers in Canada appear to be paving the way for “deep integration” with the U.S. and Mexico with a proposed measure that advances the controversial Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America promoted by the Bush administration, notes WND columnist Jerome Corsi.

It’s an issue Corsi has fully investigated for his newest book, “The Late Great USA.”

The conservative minority government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pressing for “The Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement”, which would enable a Canadian company to challenge laws in provinces that block the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Murray Dobbin, a Vancouver author and journalist critical of SPP, argued in an article titled, “The Plan to Disappear Canada – ‘Deep Integration’ comes out of the shadows,” the secretive trilateral bureaucratic working groups organized under the auspices of SPP are “harmonizing” virtually every important area of public policy with the U.S., including “defense, foreign policy, energy (they get security, we get greenhouse gases), culture, social policy, tax policy, drug testing and safety and much more.”


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Dick Cheney Is A “Rogue Nation”

by- Suzie-Q @ 3:30 PM MST

In the video, Keith Olbermann deduces that since Dick Cheney insists that he is not subject to the laws of the Executive Branch and since he is not a legislator or a judge, that he must be a “rogue nation” and we should “invade him”. While this recent Cheney attempt to prove he is above the law is so ridiculous that it’s amusing at first, until you realize that he’s completely getting away with it.

Watch the video

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How can Blair possibly be given this job?

Anthony @ 20:40 BST

I suppose that astonishment is not the word for it. Stupefaction comes to mind. I simply could not believe my ears in Beirut when a phone call told me that Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara was going to create “Palestine”. I checked the date – no, it was not 1 April – but I remain overwhelmed that this vain, deceitful man, this proven liar, a trumped-up lawyer who has the blood of thousands of Arab men, women and children on his hands is really contemplating being “our” Middle East envoy.

Can this really be true? I had always assumed that Balfour, Sykes and Picot were the epitome of Middle Eastern hubris. But Blair? That this ex-prime minister, this man who took his country into the sands of Iraq, should actually believe that he has a role in the region – he whose own preposterous envoy, Lord Levy, made so many secret trips there to absolutely no avail – is now going to sully his hands (and, I fear, our lives) in the world’s last colonial war is simply overwhelming.

Of course, he’ll be in touch with Mahmoud Abbas, will try to marginalise Hamas, will talk endlessly about “moderates”; and we’ll have to listen to him pontificating about morality, how he’s absolutely and completely confident that he’s doing the right thing (and this, remember, is the same man who postponed a ceasefire in Lebanon last year in order to share George Bush’s ridiculous hope of an Israeli victory over Hizbollah) in bringing peace to the Middle East…

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by- Suzie-Q @ 12:04 PM MST

Following Vice President Dick Cheney’s assertion that his office is not a part of the executive branch of the US government, Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) plans to introduce an amendment to the the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill to cut funding for Cheney’s office.

The amendment to the bill that sets the funding for the executive branch will be considered next week in the House of Representatives.

“The Vice President has a choice to make. If he believes his legal case, his office has no business being funded as part of the executive branch,” said Emanuel in a statement released to RAW STORY. “However, if he demands executive branch funding he cannot ignore executive branch rules. At the very least, the Vice President should be consistent. This amendment will ensure that the Vice President’s funding is consistent with his legal arguments.”

At a press briefing yesterday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino said that Cheney’s assertion that he operates outside of the executive branch of government was “an interesting constitutional question that people can debate” and a “non-issue.”

On Thursday, Emanuel suggested that if Cheney feels his office is not part of the executive branch “he should return the salary the American taxpayers have been paying him since January 2001, and move out of the home for which they are footing the bill.”

Emanuel also released the following graphic satirizing the situation:


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DC Madam Considering Releasing All Phone Records

by- Suzie-Q @ 8:38 AM MST

In an email sent to supporters Friday, former DC madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey says she’s considering releasing all the phone records provided to ABC News — from 1993 to 2006.[My lawyer] “Mr. Sibley and I will be guests on “Geraldo,” Saturday, June 23rd, Palfrey wrote in an email acquired by RAW STORY. “The interview will be my first in a nationwide setting, since the 20/20 piece aired on May 4th.”

“I hope to discuss my displeasure with the ABC broadcast and why I believe the network held back names at the last moment,” she added. “I hope to announce my decision to distribute the phone records (all years 1993 to 2006) to as many responsible media, press and bloggers as possible, once the current injunction prohibiting me from releasing the invoices is lifted — and my reasons for doing so. Furthermore, it is Mr. Sibley and my hope we will be able talk about the fact that the Government, with the intentioned/unintentional assistance of the Courts has been able to seize and hold my property for 9 months now, without a hearing on the matter.”

She says that she will pursue her own press strategy of mass mailings “with the blessings of my legal team.”

“I am embarking upon my own informational and update mailings, along side those of Mr. Sibley,” she wrote. “I am doing this in large measure because of the excellent data and evidence which is being brought to my attention piecemeal, by sundry investigators, journalists and bloggers interested in my case. It is becoming increasing difficult for me to relay such information onto individual recipients. Ergo, my decision here to forward pertinent info en masse.”

“Make no doubt about it,” she concludes. “My case is political in nature.”


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Anthony @ 11:06 BST

As vice president, Cheney has been the decisive force pushing America into war. In the inner councils of the administration, it was he who emasculated Colin Powell, cut the State Department out of effective policymaking, foisted fake reports on the intelligence agencies and supplanted the National Security Council. It was also Cheney who placed appointees personally loyal to him, including Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, in charge of the Pentagon and speckled the warmaking bureaucracy with desk officers culled from neoconservative Washington think tanks — ideologues with no military experience ~ Those who have known him over the years remain astounded by what they describe as his almost autistic indifference to the thoughts and feelings of others : T.D. Allman / Rolling Stone

Vice President Dick Cheney’s shadow presidency is now in full view where he has now asserted that his office is not a part of the executive branch of the U.S. government, and therefore not bound by a presidential order governing the protection of classified information by government agencies.

This is further evidence that Cheney’s fingerprints are on virtually every lie and abuse of power committed by this corrupt administration. This latest abuse of power as well his shameless, deceitful and vindictive speeches during the build up to our illegal war and occupation of Iraq remind me of an insightful article by Rolling Stone entitled THE CURSE OF DICK CHENEY.

ROLLING STONE revealed the unvarnished truth ~ Dick Cheney is as big a loser as George W Bush . It’s the blind leading the blind ~ no wonder we are in such deep trouble.

T.D Allman brilliantly reveals in detail how Cheneys career has been marred by one disaster after another . This is a compelling insight into, perhaps, the most dangerous and shameless man in our government today. To fully understand this unindicted criminal ~ you must read this article. Allen L. Roland, OpEdNews


“The period between August 1974 and November 1976, when Ford lost the election to Jimmy Carter, is essential to understanding George W. Bush’s disastrous misjudgments — and Dick Cheney’s role in them. In both cases, Cheney and Rumsfeld played the key role in turning opportunity into chaos. Ford, like Bush later, hadn’t been elected president. As he entered office, he was overshadowed by a secretary of state (Kissinger then, Powell later) who was considered incontestably his better. Ford was caught as flat-footed by the fall of Saigon in April 1975 as Bush was by the September 2001 attacks. A better president, with more astute advisers, might have arranged a more orderly ending to the long and divisive war. But instead of heeding the country’s desire for honesty and reconciliation, Rumsfeld and Cheney convinced Ford that the way to turn himself into a real president was to stir up crises in international relations while lurching to the right in domestic politics.”

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If Bush-Cheney Can’t Be Impeached, Nobody Can

by Sudhan@ 11:40 CET


If the Democrats don’t even make an effort to impeach George Bush or Dick Cheney before these criminals’ terms are up, then no president of the United States will ever face punishment for crimes against his own people or humanity at-large. So said David Swanson, of the Internet treasure trove of impeachment information, AfterDowningStreet.org.

Swanson was speaking at a discussion of impeachment at the Take Back America Conference, in Washington, earlier this week. Swanson presented an encyclopaedic list of 12 categories of impeachable crimes committed by the Bush regime – not 12 crimes, but 12 whole categories of crimes, each containing many separate instances and counts of crimes, any one of which is enough to send Bush and Cheney back where they came from before January, 2009. Taken together, the list shows there is no rule of law in the United States – that Bush has effectively destroyed the Constitution as a barrier to executive dictatorship. If laws can be broken at will, there is no law. Congress may as well stop enacting them, and go home, themselves.


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