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Ten Years After: A Post-Mortem

by- Mentarch … 22:35 EDT

(Updated below) (Update II) 

No, the title of this entry does not allude to the rock band of Woodstock fame.

Rather, this entry aims at a post-mortem analysis of the Kyoto Protocol, agreed upon in December 11, 1997, and which was effectively interred after the last G8 summit of this month of June, 2007 – thanks in large part to the continued (neo)con games and double-talk of the Bush (a.k.a. The Leader) administration and the Harper (a.k.a. The Mini Leader) government – grand tall-tales which I previously wrote about here, here, here and here.

The original objective of the Kyoto Accords was the stabilization of greenhouse gas (GHG’s) concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic (man-made) interference with the climate system. To do so, (more…)

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Iraq: The Battle of September Has Already Begun

by- Suzie-Q @ 6:40 PM MST

According to the White House — and to the dwindling number of Congressional dead-enders still backing the war in Iraq — we have to wait until September to be able to judge whether President Bush’s escalation strategy has been a success.

Well, I’ve just returned from September and I can tell you two things:

1) I’ve seen the future and it doesn’t work.

2) The administration will lie and claim that it does.

How did I accomplish this time-traveling feat? Very simple — I just watched Meet the Press, and there was Ryan Crocker, U.S. ambassador to Iraq, who together with General Petraeus will testify to Congress. He demonstrated that along with the surge in troops, there’s also been a surge in BS.

Crocker served up his crock in a bizarre, robotic manner that made him look like he had been put together by Disney imaginers — not surprising since the administration is running out of actual human beings willing to defend the war. So instead they rolled out the Crockerbot2000.

Today’s show was required viewing for anyone who cares about ending this war, because it’s clear that Crocker’s talking points are a preview of the spin the administration will use come September. They were trial balloons, and Democrats should start shooting them down now.

So here, courtesy of Ambassador Crocker, is a sneak peek of some of what you’re going to hear in September — and what it really means:

“America could not ask for a finer, more experienced and more able military leader than they have in Gen. Petraeus. I have heard him give tough, clear assessments to the president, to congressional visitors as they come through, and you’ve heard him in the open media… He calls it as he sees it.” Translation: So, in September, when he tells you that the surge is working, you had better believe him!

“The other thing I think we’re going to do [in September], because we owe it to our leadership at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, is also try to provide an assessment of what the consequences might be if we pursue other directions.” Translation: Even if the surge isn’t going so well come September, we are going to tell everyone — especially those in Congress — that if we leave Iraq we will unleash a genocidal bloodbath and war throughout the planet and, indeed, the entire galaxy. So we really need to give it more time.

“The surge buys time for a political process to get some legs under it.” Translation: We really, really need to give it more time.


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by- Suzie-Q @ 5:29 PM MST

Sade – Kiss of Life

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Question for you. When will you have had enough?

by- Suzie-Q @ 3:36 PM MST

Thirty years ago, it took more than 58,000 U.S. soldiers’ deaths to end the Vietnam war. Is that the number you’re waiting for?


The White House has announced that the increasing violence and deaths in Iraq are a sign of success. Got that? More violence and death equal success. The question has always been, “Why did George Bush invade Iraq?” Well, now we know. His definition of success in Iraq is increasing death and violence. According to that, he has succeeded admirably. At the rate he’s going, it will take about another sixty years to equal the “success” of the Vietnam war and the number of U.S. soldiers killed there. The only problem is, Bush will run out of Iraqis before he runs out of U.S. soldiers.

There must be a magic number of U.S. soldiers’ deaths that the U.S. is waiting for. It was over 58,000 thirty years ago. Will it take that same number this time? Is that what you’re waiting for? Isn’t 3,500 enough? Wasn’t one more than enough?

We now know that the democratic process doesn’t work. The Democrats control congress and have voted to continue Bush’s war. Add them to the stagnant remnants of Bush’s Republicans in congress, and we have 535 people plus one Bush who are in defiance of the large majority of about 200 million people who want this war stopped.

Something’s going to have to give. The Iraq war was started by George Bush, extra-legally, with lies and deception. We’ve tried the legal ways to end the war and discovered that there are no legal ways to do it. We have no control of our congress. We have another guaranteed nineteen months of George Bush’s war. Well, that’s too long. Tomorrow and every day, thereafter, will be too long.

OK, if I’m so smart, what do we do? Since no one else will, we’re going to have to take control of this thing ourselves. We use what we’ve got. We are in the majority. Our most useful weapon is our sheer mass of numbers. After all, there are more of us than there are of them. Majority rules. When all else fails, the remedy has been called various things through history, taking to the streets, taking to the barricades, mass protest, mass uprising.


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by GEF @ 4:20 PM EDT

The “Cloud” over Dick Cheney Just Got Darker!

William Hughes

Dark Clouds over the White House
“It is an extraordinary subversion of the [U.S.] Constitution to send people to die…on the basis of a lie.” – Elizabeth Holtzman (1)

There is a story told about a criminal defense lawyer, a colorful kind of character at the Maryland Bar, who has since gone on to his final reward. Supposedly, he comforted his guilty-as-hell client as the trial date approached by repeatedly telling him: “Don’t Worry! Everything will be all right!” Well, on the day of the trial, the trial judge assigned to the case wasn’t who the defense lawyer expected. In fact, he was a nightmare–”a Hanging Judge!” It was at this point, that the defense counsel leaned over to his client and whispered: “Start worrying!” Well, this is exactly where V. P. Dick Cheney is today. The reason: Impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives are picking up momentum. The American people are demanding action as the quagmire of Iraq deepens. Millions of them believe that Cheney lied the country into the Iraqi War and should be impeached. (2) Some gutsy members of the U.S. Congress are responding to that call. This is why H Res 333, “Cheney’s Nightmare,” was introduced by Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), on April 24, 2007. On top of all that, there is the darkening cloud over Cheney’s head–Lewis “Scooter” Libby!

Go Read It–>

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Would you want to work for this Corruption?!

by GEF @ 3:50 PM EDT

Gonzo Testifying on C-Span

Wanted: U.S. Attorneys, Senior DoJ Officials

As McClatchy reported last month, the administration — for some reason — is having a difficult time filling U.S. attorney vacancies. And as The Washington Post reports this morning, the string of resignations in the Justice Department leadership just compounds the problem..

Go Read It–>

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Lewis Hamilton wins U.S. Grand Prix

Anthony @20:23 BST

By Patrick Dorsey
June 17, 2007

Lewis Hamilton won the race off the first turn today.

That was all he needed.

Hamilton, the 22-year-old rookie who often draws comparisons to Tiger Woods, barely trailed in winning the 8th United States Grand Prix – the second straight win for the first black driver in Formula One history.

Hamilton held off McLaren-Mercedes teammate Fernando Alonso at the start and only trailed during pit cycles. Alonso held his grid position throughout the race, finishing second by 1.5 seconds.

Felipe Massa also started and finished in the same position, taking third, as did Ferrari teammate and fourth-place finisher Kimi Raikkonen. Fellow Fin Hekki Kovalainen took fifth.

Nico Rosberg was set to finish sixth on pit strategy, only stopping once while most other drivers came off twice, but his car caught fire on the 70 th lap, forcing him out of the race. Jarno Trulli took over the sixth position.

Three cars were out after contact was made in the first turn. Ralf Schumacher, openly critical of the race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, was the first to stop. David Coulthard and 2002 U.S. Grand Prix winner Ruben Barrichello also retired just seconds into the race.

Takuma Sato, Nick Heidfeld and Vitantonio Liuzzi also did not finish.

Sebastian Vettel, a 19-year-old German making his Formula One debut for the injured Robert Kubica, finished eighth. Kubica, of BMW Sauber, was involved in a nasty crash at last week’s Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

Hamilton now has a Formula One-leading 58 points on the year, 10 ahead of Alonso. Massa is third with 39.

Anthony says: This is Lewis’s first season, and, until last week, he had never won a race, but always appeared on the podium, thus notching up the points. His first win was in Montreal last Sunday and he won again to day on the “brickyard” in Indiannapolis. It has been said that if anyone is going to win over the Americans to Formula 1, Lewis is the man to do it. His closest rival is Mercedes-McLaren team-mate, and last year’s Champion, Fernando Alonso, whom he now leads by ten points. He is a young man of great charm and it was a joy to watch him speak at the press conference after the race.

Here’s another Brit who wants to win and who has chosen a song about it. He appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and the judges thought he was a joke – until he began to sing, that is. Just watch the judges’ hearts drop when he tells them he’s going to sing opera, and then sit up the moment he begins to sing.

He appeared again tonight on the Final with even greater confidence and once again captivated the audience.

Suzie posted a video of little Connie Talbot singing, “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, a couple of days ago, and I thought she had a good chance of winning – until I saw the competition on the semi-finals last night.

Britain sure has got talent, and we’ve shown it twice today.

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