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The Spin, I’m In! Heart and Soul!

by GEF @ 8:29 PM EDT

Calling all Globalist Evildoer Fighters Out There!

Have you got the Stomach to Fight Globalist Evildoers ?It takes real Heart and Soul to do the Work that we do!

If you have the Heart and Soul for it then Whistle-Blow on your favorite Globalist Evildoer and let the Party begin!

Spock from Star Trek says…
‘REMEMBER! “Evil People Prosper when Good People do Nothing!”

So get off your keester and do what is right!

Because there’s no greater feeling than watching another Globalist Evildoer Fail and go to Jail!

– GEF 😉

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by- Suzie-Q @ 4:49 PM MST

Good Evening Justice Bloggers!

I found this story by Dr. at his blog, Monkey Muck.

Read all about the Yes Men’s latest anti corporate stunt at The Bitter Tonic. And you know what? Watch their movie if you haven’t seen it yet or haven’t seen it in a while. And after that email me and we’ll put our heads together and see if we can’t come up with some way to subvert the current paradigm like they do.

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It Is All About Incompetence And Its Last Refuge …

by- Mentarch … 18:50 EDT

(Updated below) (Update II) (Update III)

Violence is the last refuge of incompetence“.

Terrorists and coup putchists are living examples, if not ultimate ones, of this principle.

Case in point: the blood-thirsty Hamas goons have now conquered the Gaza Strip. Like all other incompetents before them (this example comes to mind readily), they have promised amnesty to their (Fatah) opponents … falsely giving them hope for peace and reconciliation.

This is what I wrote before, concerning religious fundamentalists/extremists:


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What Will We Do Then? The Day After We Strike Iran

punditman says @ 6:34 EDT:

Faced with worldwide condemnation, what will Americans do if (when?) their government attacks Iran? The author of this article wants to start a discussion.

The Day After We Strike Iran


Let us suppose that the Bush-Cheney administration answers the neocons’ prayer and does indeed bomb Iran sometime soon. The plan apparently involves more than the destruction of nuclear facilities, replicating Israel’s attack on Iraq’s Osirak reactor in 1981. (That attack, by the way was condemned by the whole world, including a furious President Ronald Reagan). It includes an all-out assault on the Iranian political and religious leadership. Government buildings and officials’ residences will be targeted, guaranteeing collateral damage.
Since Iran is a highly complex society, and its government widely unpopular, there may well be some local support for a “shock and awe” campaign. We know that the administration has cultivated ties with the Mujahadeen Khalq (even though they remain on the State Department’s terrorist list) and the Pakistan-based Balochi separatist group Jundallah (the Party of God). These among other organizations will get their marching orders amid the “creative chaos” produced by the attack. There can be no large deployment of U.S. troops in Iran, unless they evacuate from Afghanistan and Iraq which is unlikely.

I doubt that administration plans for the construction of a post-attack Iranian polity are any more sophisticated than their plans for post-Taliban Afghanistan or occupied Iraq. Some have suggested that the neocons’ goal is actually to plunge the Muslim Middle East into prolonged pandemonium, insuring that all foes of Israel are off-balance and terrorized by the might of Israel’s protector for generations to come. “Neocons,” writes Paul Craig Roberts, “have convinced themselves that nuking Iran will show the Muslim world that Muslims have no alternative to submitting to the will of the US government.”

They are “total Islamophobes” who believe that “Islam must be deracinated and the religion destroyed. . .” Others note that Cheney is obsessed with the imagined threat of a rising China and the need to establish permanent U.S. bases in Central and Southwest Asia to “contain” the world’s most populous nation. The desire to control the flow of oil, the urge to check China, the passionate drive to destroy Israel’s enemies (alongside this neocon Islamophobia) are all reflected in U.S. foreign policy since 9-11.

Surely a lot of Iranians know this. And they can look over their northern border into Afghanistan and their western border into Iraq and see what disaster U.S. imperialism has wrought in these neighboring countries. Bush calls them “democracies” and boasts of having gifted them with the universally applicable model pioneered by America’s founding fathers. But I’d imagine Iranians paying attention see in Afghanistan a regime dominated by warlords more reactionary than their own mullahs, resisted by an equally reactionary resurgent Taliban. In Iraq they find an emerging regime under the strong influence of conservative Shiite Muslim clerics in an unusual alliance with U.S. occupation forces. Many young Iranians chafing under Islamic law might consider this a step backwards for Iraq, which under the despised Saddam had at least been a secular society. The Iraqi puppet government is of course far weaker than the one in Tehran, and humiliatingly dependent upon the invaders who cannot provide a modicum of security while they demand oil concessions.

So I would think that the Iranian survivors of this planned criminal assault would not appreciate it. Rather they will resent it deeply, especially if it produces numerous civilian casualties. As Roberts suggests, the neocons believe that the Iranian people and Muslims around the world will be so terrified that they will capitulate to all U.S. demands and the U.S. will be better able to attain its geopolitical objectives without the use of unacceptable numbers of ground troops. I have to wonder about this.

Perhaps the neocons suppose that there will be no resistance from a shocked and awed Iranian population as America’s Iranian allies—a mix of quasi-left guerrillas, terrorist separatists, monarchists and exiles—create a provisional government. They may underestimate the social base of the present Iranian government, the sincerity of popular opposition to U.S. policy in the world, the depth of Iranian nationalism and national pride at the accomplishments of the nuclear power program. They probably underestimate the outrage an attack will cause, in Iran and everywhere.

Perhaps they overestimate the power of their weapons. The neocons know that nuclear weapons (even dire predictions about nuclear attack) produce fear—and that frightened people may voluntarily give up much of their freedom. They saw that happen here in the USA between 9-11 and the attack on Iraq. All that talk by Bush, Cheney and Rice about mushroom clouds over New York City got the masses scared, got them to support a war. The neocons may assume that this frightening thing they hold in their hand—that they can deliver (intoning with John McCain, “Bomb bomb bomb Iran”) as soon as Bush (after prayerful deliberation) gives his okay—can fix the Middle East. They may figure that a country once nuked will submit to any aftermath.

Recall how they predicted in 2002 that Iraqis would respond to occupation the same way the Japanese did from 1945 to 1952. How wrong they were. Maybe the attack-planners think that the Iranians will, after this new, planned Hiroshima, unconditionally surrender to the United States. I doubt that. Just as they appear to have overestimated the power of U.S. troops on the battlefield in Iraq, Cheney and his neocons may miscalculate the power of their most vicious weapons to obtain their goals. Mao often referred to nuclear weapons (first those of the U.S. imperialists, then the Soviet ones as well) as “a paper tiger.” The imperialists might find that they’ve sent a paper tiger to arouse an Iranian griffin. (That’s a lion with an eagle’s head and wings, something not supposed to happen.)

Meanwhile, reaction in Iraq to reports of a U.S. strike on Iran will hardly be positive. Iraqi Shiites (60% of the population) will naturally identify with victimized Shiite Iran and hate the occupiers more, without necessarily fearing them more. If you really want to do something that will fuel the Shiites’ historical sense of victimization, and unite Shiites from Lebanon to Oman and beyond, the best thing you could do is bomb Iran—not sparing the holy sites. But Iraq’s Sunnis won’t be happy either. Whatever their feelings about Iran, they’ll feel no joy in the expansion of U.S. operations in the Muslim world. The entire world will respond with revulsion. From Europe to Japan there will be much discussion about how to best distance oneself and protect oneself from a USA gone nuts.

But what will happen here in the U.S. after the Iran attack? How will we react? If it happens, it won’t be announced the way the invasion of Iraq was. There will be more and more unattributed reports of Iranian arms deliveries to unlikely recipients like the Taliban or Sunni “insurgents” in Iraq. More alarmist reports on Iran’s nuclear progress. More propaganda about Iran’s intention to nuke Israel and produce a second Holocaust. More indignant statements about Iran’s defiance of UNSC resolutions. But the timing might come as a surprise.

As the attack gets underway some Democratic leaders in Congress will indicate support for the move, based on the doctored intelligence reports they’ve read, or have had on their desk and possibly perused. Some will withhold comment or maybe even object to the action. I have the feeling both timidity and stupidity will initially prevail. There is little precedent for U.S. politicians condemning a U.S. attack on a country just after it’s occurred.

I would expect those on the contact-lists of the various antiwar coalitions would be out on the streets in force immediately after the (first) attack, shouting “SHAME” and making it clear to the world that Bush doesn’t represent the American people. I’d expect that large numbers of people would gather to demand that the Congress move immediately to impeach Bush and Cheney. I’d hope that the Democrats in Congress would find it in their interest to do so, but if Nancy Pelosi becomes president, will there be any great change? On Iran, Pelosi has deferred to AIPAC.

The antiwar movement has become disillusioned with the Democrats, and even with a mercilessly self-perpetuating system that uses its two parties to convey the illusion that the political status quo is the product of competition. Still, it sees no alternative to a mix of letter-writing, lobbying, voting, rallying, marching, exercising constitutional rights, operating within the paradigm. But Cindy Sheehan officially dropped out of the movement concluding that the “paradigm. . . is now, I am afraid, carved in immovable, unbendable and rigidly mendacious marble.”

She is right. The neocons want us to “think outside the box.” Maybe we should one-up them and think outside the system. The “way our system works,” writes Andrew J. Bacevich, “negates democracy, rendering free speech little more than a means of recording dissent.” In it, “Money maintains the Republican/Democratic duopoly of trivialized politics.” What can the honest dissenter do when informed that the U.S. (“your”) government has committed a spectacular war crime? When can you do when you learn that, once again— without your permission—the U.S. has attacked a sovereign country posing no real threat to you? Generating enormous hatred for America throughout the world? What do we do the day after? I would just like to pose the question for discussion as we approach that moment.

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It’s Time, Once Again….

by- Actor212 @ 5:18 PM EDT

1) Apparently, Bush will receive a new infusion of testosterone shortly: The grind’s almost over to forge two perfect balls. “Perfect” is about how he needs to be in order to survive with what shread of historical legacy he has in place.

2) NASA used to be the most highly regarded agency in the government. It seemed as though, if you asked them to do something, they got it done. Now, decades after defunding and belittling by conservative budget hawks intent of “war-ifying” America has whittled the budget and manpower to the bare minimum, even problems that we know about have become intractable.

3) Contrast this with the Scooter Libby sentence. Contrast this with the Paris Hilton sentence.

4) Father’s Day is Sunday. I have a swim meet to attend with my daughter. What’s wrong with this picture?

5) Thirty years ago? Try seven!

6) The best advice my dad ever gave me? Never mix scotch and Coca Cola.

7) Bet you knew nothing about this tragedy. Bangladesh is a critical element in subcontinental affairs.

8) How likely is it that this bill will pass Congress, and that Bush will veto it? I give it about a 75% chance, nearly intact.

9) Lesson for the day: Don’t fuck with Mother Nature.

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Blair could face Trial for War Crimes

Anthony @ 21:54 BST

Tony Blair could face prosecution for war crimes in Iraq following a legal bid launched on June 11.

Former SNP MP Jim Sillars has handed a 10,000-word dossier to Lord Advocate Eilish Angiolini urging her to charge the PM under Scots law.

He claims Blair should be held to account for conspiring to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s regime and for starting the war in Iraq.

Both are illegal under international law. An attempt to have Blair hauled before a criminal court in England failed after lawyers said it wasn’t the place to deal with international law.

But Sillars claims Scottish courts have the power to try Blair for war crimes if they believe an established offence, such as murder, has been committed in the process.

Sillars said: “There can be no prosecution at the international criminal court because it doesn’t have jurisdiction.”

“There is no chance of a special court being established by the United Nations because Britain and the United States have the veto at the Security Council. There is no chance of a prosecution in England and Wales.”

“But of course Scots law is an entirely different entity, an entirely different jurisdiction with different rules, procedures and instruments available to it.”

Sillars said he had been told by legal experts that the Prime Minister has a case to answer.

And he warned: “The Lord Advocate would have to give a very good explanation why, with the evidence presented, she didn’t instigate an investigation — because we have jurisdiction.”

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Anthony @21:38 BST

UK Daily Mail
Friday June 15, 2007

Tony Blair has been engulfed in a row over Europe after it became clear he is under huge pressure to sign a “son of constitution” treaty next week.

A leaked letter by current EU president Angela Merkel revealed that a deal is being drafted to revive almost all the controversial elements of the flopped European Constitution.

The disclosure sparked demands for a UK referendum on the new treaty – and angry claims that EU leaders were trying to smuggle in a massive new extension of Brussels power “by the back”.

Today Downing Street, which has already made plain that Mr Blair will not sanction a referendum, played down the fears and insisted that the final shape of the deal was unclear.

But the Merkel letter, which was leaked in Brussels, made plain that there is already broad agreement that “much of the substance” of the defunct constitution should be resurrected.

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False Leaders Vs. Genuine Ones

by- Mentarch … 15:45 EDT

Today, my thoughts wandered on to the subject of the upcoming 2008 elections in the US and how soon I hope we have elections in Canada, in order to throw the neocons incompetents (see previous entries of mine here, here, here and here) out of power in both countries – at last.

However, I remain wary that neocons may yet retain power after such elections, if only because ignorance and fear, as well as lies and the search for instant gratification, appear to rule still the mind-sets of the US and Canadian electorates – in large part due to the disinformation and propaganda dished out by an incompetent MSM – both the American and Canadian ones.

Consequently, these thoughts lead me to wonder: what true leaders make? Here are the resulting musings: (more…)

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Army Plans To Hire More Psychiatrists

by- Suzie-Q @ 12:38 PM MST

– Overwhelmed by the number of soldiers returning from war with mental problems, the Army is planning to hire at least 25 percent more psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

A contract finalized this week but not yet announced calls for spending $33 million to add about 200 mental health professionals to help soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health needs, officials told The Associated Press on Thursday.

“As the war has gone on, PTSD and other psychological effects of war have increased,” said Col. Elspeth Ritchie, psychiatry consultant to the Army surgeon general.

“The number of (mental health workers) that was adequate for a peacetime military is not adequate for a nation that’s been at war,” she said in an interview.

The new hiring, which she said could begin immediately, is part of a wider plan of action the Army has laid out to improve health care to wounded or ill veterans and their families. It also comes as the Defense Department completes a wider mental health study – the latest in a series over recent months that has found services for troops have been inadequate.

Ritchie said long and repeat deployments caused by extended wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are causing more mental strain on troops. “At the time that the war began, I don’t think anybody anticipated how long it would be going on,” she said.

Surveys of troops in Iraq have shown that 15 percent to 20 percent of Army soldiers have signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress, which can cause flashbacks of traumatic combat experiences and other severe reactions.

About 35 percent of soldiers are seeking some kind of mental health treatment a year after returning home under a program that screens returning troops for physical and mental health.


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Afternoon Jukebox… Somewhere Over The Rainbow

by- Suzie-Q @ 12:01 PM MST

Connie Talbot, who is 6 years old, singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on the TV show, Britains Got Talent. One of the best voices I’ve ever heard! She really does have an amazing voice!

Connie Talbot

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