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by- Suzie-Q @ 8:18 PM MST

MILAN (Reuters) – Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore denounced a deal by world leaders on curbing greenhouse gases as “a disgrace disguised as an achievement,” saying on Thursday the agreement struck last week was insufficient.

The dedicated climate crusader, whose 2006 global warming documentary won an Oscar, said leaders at last week’s G8 summit in Germany had not risen to the challenge to respond to what he calls a “planetary emergency.”

G8 leaders agreed to pursue “substantial” reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, stopping short of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hopes for concrete numerical commitments on emission reductions, including her key aim to cut gases by 50 percent by 2050.

They said they would negotiate a new global climate pact that would extend and broaden the Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012.

“It was a disgrace disguised as an achievement,” Gore said at an event in Milan, where he praised Merkel for her efforts.

“The eight most powerful nations gathered and were unable to do anything except to say ‘We had good conversations and we agreed that we will have more conversations, and we will even have conversations about the possibility of doing something in the future on a voluntary basis perhaps.”‘

The former U.S. Democratic presidential candidate is spearheading efforts to get the world of pop music to back his crusade with the Live Earth concerts on July 7, which will be held in numerous cities around the world.

Gore served as Democrat President Bill Clinton’s vice president and narrowly lost the 2000 election to George W. Bush.


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Evening Jukebox… By Your Side

by- Suzie-Q @ 8:05 PM MST

Sade – By Your Side

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Join ONE Vote ’08

by- Suzie-Q @ 6:48 PM MST

Hey Everybody, let’s all join onevote08.org. 😉

Ben Affleck

It’s probably pretty hard nowadays to find a group of 200 Americans who can agree on anything, much less two million Americans. But that’s the number of us who are signed up to the ONE Campaign to Make Poverty History.

Earlier this week I got on a conference call with Senators Frist and Daschle and we were joined by nearly 10,000 ONE members as a part of the ONE VOTE ’08 launch. These people come from all over the country, from all sorts of backgrounds, jobs and political persuasions. And they are actively engaged in ONE’s efforts to make extreme poverty and global disease priorities in the 2008 presidential election. They are our front line.

ONE Vote ’08 has a thorough policy agenda that if adopted by the next president could save millions of lives every year by fighting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, provide 77 million children with access to primary education, provide clean water to 400 million people and reduce by half the number who suffer from hunger.

These issues are matters of life and death and they don’t belong to one candidate or one party. Saving mothers and fathers from preventable, treatable diseases, sending children to school and helping others help themselves are issues that cross party lines and have strong support from both Democratic and Republican leaders. We are the greatest country in the world. Let’s prove it once more.

No matter what your political beliefs may be, you can join this party too. Start by visiting onevote08.org.


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Bush Administration Attacks ‘Shield’ For Bloggers

by- Suzie-Q @ 5:43 PM MST

WASHINGTON–The Bush administration on Thursday blasted a congressional proposal that would shield a broad swath of news gatherers, including some bloggers, from revealing their confidential sources.

The latest draft of the Free Flow of Information Act would pose a grave threat to national security and federal criminal investigations by protecting far too large a segment of the population, a U.S. Department of Justice official told Congress.

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.

“The definition is just so broad that it really includes anyone who wants to post something to the Web,” Rachel Brand, assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy, said at a House Judiciary Committee hearing here. She also argued it would protect “a terrorist operative who videotaped a message from a terrorist leader threatening attacks on Americans.”

Justice Department opposition has bedeviled Congress throughout its numerous attempts in recent years to enact federal shield laws. Supporters say such legislation is needed in light of high-profile cases involving New York Times reporter Judith Miller and what free-press advocacy groups characterize as a sharp rise in subpoenas to reporters in recent years.


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Let’s have a “caption” contest ???

Posted by Basheert @4:15 PM MST

Courtesy of Think Progress: The story itself is simply more of the same, but I found the photograph that accompanies it absolutely hilarious. I thought it would be fun if we Justice Bloggers had a “caption contest” … who wants to go first?
Well if you insist…

How about “Dear Lord where IS my dealer”???


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by GEF @ 6:20 PM EDT


For those GOPs that may be salivating about Bush and Cheney pardoning Libby better remind themselves what Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said in Court to which was leading to the Fact that the there are HIGHER SENIOR OFFICIALS in the Bush Administration that Orchestrated a master plan in order to make the evidence favor the route to War with Iraq.  They peppered the Intelligence and leaked the name of a Covert Operative who was working on Loose Nukes Dept in Iraq and IRAN.

The Yellow Cake in Niger Bullshit was all Cheney’s idea and we must not forget that nobody has been Prosecuted for the real crime of GOING TO WAR ON FALSE INTELLIGENCE!

That includes the Cost of the War, The Cost in Lives, and the Cost in Vital Intelligence failures due to this manufactured Vietnam 2.

May I also remind the GOP that the Democrats are already pointing out the obvious about this Bush Surge which is also something being completely contrary to the 2006 Election mandate which said that Americans don’t want this war. This is all being done by an Administration who’s running Rogue to our Constitution and Way of Life.

The 20,000 Pound Elephant in the Room is that THE SURGE FAILED! Add to that the Fact that our Military is in tatters should leave everyone reading this in contemplation of what happens if we need soldiers to fight a real enemy back here at home?

Might I remind Democrats that Bush is Planning to Attack Iran which is just pending a False Flag Event like 9/11. The Fact that Bush just signed a document that gives him Dictatorial Powers without consulting Congress and/or the Judiciary is testament to the fact that there is now only ONE BRANCH of Government who wields any Power in Washington DC.

Does anyone care at all about any of this ? You will when the next False flag leaves you gasping at the TV like the Last False Flag in Sept 2001 and the Media Spin makes you think that Muslims with box cutters did it.



Contemplate that as you’re imaging dreams of a pardon for one of it’s elite cronies


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CIA ties between Balkan Wars and 911?

by Geezer Power …2:34 PM PDT

Controversial German author Jürgen Elsässer has a different take on the events leading up to 911 and the involvement of the US with Moslem militants. He sees Dubya as a hostage to the Neocons and a follower of their ideas, or should I say ideologies? Before you read this article please know that it’s from what the MSM calls the far left and the subject matter is about the far right. There is a lot of controversy about the author as well as the interviewer. They both have written articles for many publications and seem to be very knowledgeable about affairs in the Middle East, so here is some information that I have found to be interesting.

In his latest book, “How the Jihad Came to Europe”, German journalist Jürgen Elsässer unravels the Jihadist thread. Muslim fighters recruited by the CIA to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan were used successively in Yugoslavia and Chechnya, still supported by the CIA, but perhaps sometimes out of its control. Basing himself on diverse sources, mainly Yugoslavian, Dutch, and German, he reconstructed the development of Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants at the side of NATO in Bosnia-Herzegovinia.
“The CIA recruited and trained the jihadists”

Jürgen Elsässer interviewed by Silvia Cattori

Global Research, August 21, 2006
Reseau Voltaire

Silvia Cattori: Your investigation into the actions of the secret services makes a frightening report. We discover that since the 80’s the United States has invested billions of dollars to finance criminal activities and that by means of the CIA they are directly implicated in the attacks attributed to the Moslems. What is the contribution of your book?

Jurgen Elsässer: It is the only work that establishes the tie between wars in the Balkan of the 90’s and the attack of September 11, 2001. All the large attacks, in New York, in London, in Madrid, would never have taken place without the recruitment by the American and British secret services of these jihadists who have been blamed for the attacks. I bring a new light on the manipulations of the intelligence agencies. Other books than mine have noted the presence of Ossama Ben Laden in the Balkans. But their authors presented the Moslem fighters in the Balkan as enemies of the west. The information that I collected from multiple sources, demonstrate that these jihadists are puppets in the hands of the west and are not, as one pretends, enemies.

Silvia Cattori: In the case of the war in the Balkan, the manipulations of various States are clearly designated in your book. The United States supported Ben Laden whose work was to form the Mujahidines. How can anyone continue to ignore that these attempts that horrify public opinion would never have existed if these «terrorists» had not been driven and financed by the western intelligence services?

Jürgen Elsässer: Yes, indeed, it is the result of facts that one can observe. But one cannot say that the western intervention in ex – Yugoslavia had for objective to prepare attack of September 11. To be precise: these attacks are a consequence of western politics of the 90’s because NATO put these jihadists in place in the Balkans and collaborated with them. The Moslem militants who have been designated the persons responsible for the attacks of September 11 were part of this network.

Silvia Cattori: According to you, what was the interest of the United States and Germany to set the people of the Balkans one against the other?

Jürgen Elsässer: The west had a common interest to destroy Yugoslavia, to dismember it, because, after the end of the soviet bloc, it would have been a model of the intelligent combination of capitalist and socialist elements. But the west wanted to impose the neoliberal model on all countries.

Silvia Cattori: Is not Europe itself imprudently committed to a war manipulated by the neoconservatives?

Jürgen Elsässer: It is difficult to say. I believe that in the 90’s, the politics of the United States was inspired by their victory against Soviets in Afghanistan. It was the model that they wanted to apply in Balkans. If, during those years, the economy of the United States had not fallen into depression, maybe the more realistic politicians, such as Kissinger, could have kept control of American politics. I think that the coincidence between the economic depression and the aggressiveness of the neoconservative school determined what happened.

Silvia Cattori: Do you think that a leader like Blair, for example, once embarked in the neoconservative project, has become a hostage to a certain point?

Jürgen Elsässer: I don’t know the position of Blair enough well. It is easier to see what goes on in the United States. One can see that Bush is the hostage of those around him. And, as he is not very intelligent, he is not able to take decisions and must follow ideas of his entourage. It is clear that his father was against the attack on Iraq in 2003.

Silvia Cattori: Wasn’t the first Gulf war part of a plan aiming to trigger other wars thereafter?

Jürgen Elsässer: No, there was no tie with the war in Iraq in 1991. There were two phases. Until the end of the Clinton period, the politics of the United States were imperialistic, but at the same time, pragmatic. They chased the Soviets out of Afghanistan. They defeated Iraq in 1991. Their war stopped once Kuwait was free. Then they attacked Bosnia and Yugoslavia; but it occurred stage by stage. Everything went out of control after September 11

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