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by- Suzie-Q @ 6:07 PM MST

Stepping up his antiwar stance, John Edwards said yesterday that he would call for Americans to “raise their voices” on Memorial Day against the Iraq war and would say that patriotism required supporting the troops by bringing them home.

Mr. Edwards said in a telephone interview that, in a commencement speech to be delivered today at New England College in Henniker, N.H., he would call on Americans to “come together and speak out in a way that will end the war.”

Mr. Edwards, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president in 2008, said he was not calling for rallies or antiwar protests, but rather for Americans to come up with their own ways of opposing the war.

“During the weekend, let us gather as patriots,” Mr. Edwards will say in his speech, according a statement released by his campaign. “Wherever you are — with your family, with your friends, at a barbecue, at a parade, wherever you are — let us raise our voices.”

In addition, the Edwards campaign suggested that opponents of the war print signs saying “Support the troops — End the war” and take them to Memorial Day parades.


A Message from John Edwards

Take Action May 26th, 27th, 28th

As citizens, we honor and support our troops for their service and sacrifice.

As Americans, we are blessed by that sacrifice and support, which keeps us safe and keeps us strong.

As patriots, we call on our government to support our troops in the most important way it can – by ending this war and bringing them home.

This Memorial Day weekend, we will all take responsibility for the country we love and the men and women who protect it. We will volunteer, we will pray, and we will speak out. Each of us has a responsibility to act, a duty to our troops and to each other. Support the troops. End the war.

John Edwards

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5 US Soldiers Killed In Iraq and 3 Feared Captured!

by- Suzie-Q @ 2:14 PM MST

American troops launched a massive hunt for three missing comrades on Saturday amid fears they had been kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents during a pre-dawn attack that left five other soldiers dead.

Soldiers and marines threw up roadblocks west of Baghdad as jets and helicopters were scrambled to join the search for the missing troopers.

“Make no mistake: we will never stop looking for our soldiers until their status is definitively determined, and we continue to pray for their safe return,” said US spokesman Major General William Caldwell.

Earlier, at around 4:44 am (0044 GMT), a squad of seven American soldiers and an Iraqi army interpreter was attacked 20 kilometres (12 miles) west of Mahmudiyah, a restive town south of the capital, Caldwell said.

“As a result of this attack, five soldiers were killed in action and three are currently missing,” he said, without indicating whether the dead were all US soldiers or whether the Iraqi interpreter was among those killed.

“At the time of the attack, a nearby unit heard explosions and attempted to establish communications, but without success,” he added, in a statement.



MAY 08, 2007 C-Span News Hour

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Keith Olbermann: Alberto Gonzales Testimony

by- Suzie-Q @ 1:44 PM MST

Keith Olbermann On Alberto Gonzales Testimony.

This is truly amazing! From the May 10, 2007 program.

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by- Suzie-Q @ 8:10 AM MST

“Between 100,000 and 300,000 barrels a day of Iraq’s declared oil production over the past four years is unaccounted for and could have been siphoned off through corruption or smuggling, according to a draft American government report”.

Using an average of $50 a barrel, the report said the discrepancy was valued at $5 million to $15 million daily.

The report does not give a final conclusion on what happened to the missing fraction of the roughly 2 million barrels pumped by Iraq each day, but the findings are sure to reinforce long-standing suspicions that smugglers, insurgents and corrupt officials control significant parts of the country’s oil industry.


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Bill Bans Warrantless Wiretaps Of US Citizens

by- Suzie-Q @ 7:56 AM MST

Members of Congress from both parties succeeded on Friday in passing legislation that restricts the wiretapping of US citizens by the National Security Agency without warrants.”

When Congress said the Administration must get court approval for domestic surveillance, we meant it. Today, Congress reaffirmed that basic protection,” said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who co-sponsored legislation included in the intelligence authorization bill that Congress passed.

Schiff, with Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), sponsored the NSA Oversight Act in January to “retain court supervision over domestic electronic surveillance”.

They further explained that their bill “reiterates that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) continues to be the exclusive means by which domestic electronic surveillance for the purpose of gathering foreign intelligence information may be conducted. The amendment also makes clear that only an explicit change in the law can provide an exception to FISA.”


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Scientists identify brightest supernova

by Geezer Power …7:34 AM PDT

Well…we can thank our lucky stars that our Sun is a small star and that this super nova was in another galaxy 240 million light years away, and in reality happened 240 million years ago. It has taken that long for the light to travel here to reveal what actually happened in cosmic history. It’s like any other news…we don’t really know exactly what happened, and while we are reading it we are missing what’s happening in the here and now…Heehehehe


WASHINGTON – Scientists say they have detected the brightest stellar explosion ever recorded, a new breed of supernova that may well be repeated sooner than they previously thought.

The violent explosion was observed by ground-based telescopes as well as NASA’s orbiting Chandra X-Ray Observatory in a galaxy far from our own Milky Way. But the observations hint that an erupting star in our own galaxy, called Eta Carinae, could be close to the same kind of blast, astronomers say in a paper to be published in The Astrophysical Journal.

For years, scientists have been looking for a blast this big, but never found one until last September. After months of analysis, the research team discussed their findings at a news conference Monday here at NASA Headquarters.

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