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More on Gingrich

by- Suzie-Q @ 8:16 PM MDT

Cliff Schecter

I agree wholeheartedly with what *BC said, but I guess I just can’t let it go at that. Gingrich was trying to explicitly blame liberals for what happened at Virginia Tech, because we don’t think Somalia-like gun access and eliminating the First Amendment are the answer to tragedies like this.

As you may know, Gingrich has a long history of blaming liberals for heinous acts, and just like this time, in the past he’s been made to the look like the obtuse loser that he is.

Here is Gingrich after Columbine:

“I want to say to the elite of this country – the elite news media,the liberal academic elite, the liberal political elite: I accuse you in Littleton, and I accuse you in Kosovo of being afraid to talk about the mess you have made, and being afraid to take responsibility for things you have done, and instead foisting upon the rest of us pathetic banalities because you don’t have the courage to look at the world you have created.”

Other disasters that are our faults:

– In 1994, after Susan Smith confessed to drowning her two children in South Carolina, Gingrich quickly blamed liberals, saying the only way to avoid similar future incidents was “to vote Republican.”

– After former Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) was forced to resign over his sexually inappropriate behavior towards House pages, Gingrich declared that conservatives didn’t act to stop Foley because they “would have been accused of gay bashing” by liberals.

– At the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this year, Gingrich blamed the residents of New Orleans’ 9th ward for “a failure of citizenship,” by being “so uneducated and so unprepared, they literally couldn’t get out of the way of a hurricane.”

I’d like to add to Gingrich’s list because he makes so much sense. It must also be our fault that Newt Gingrich is, well, Newt Gingrich.

Surely we did something wrong so that he became such a degenerate as to serve his first wife with divorce papers while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer? And I can only guess that we are fault for the fact that he became a self-righteous scumbag, trying to impeach President Clinton by day while carrying on his own sordid affair with a Capitol Hill aide by night, before he dumped his second wife for her.

Furthermore, we must also be responsible for making him break the law and use GOPAC as his own personal “slush fund.” Yes, the fact that you Newt, are a sleazy, slimy, scummy, fat-assed, philandering criminal must be due to liberalism.

I see the light now.


*What BC said…

Watched some of Newt Gingrich on ABC today. On VA Tech story, he supported more liberalized conceal carry laws. He also went on to blame the coarsening of our culture for these violent incidents.

Taken separately, these are two typical GOP talking points. But he said them one right after another. Think about it, he is essentially saying we need more guns and less words in order to rectify our violent culture. More Second Amendment, less First Amendment.

All I can say is that I hope he is running for President, so all this would be is pandering. Otherwise, I would suggest he up the dosage, because that is pure idiocy.

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Is Robert Gates defending the American People or Duhbya

by Geezer Power …7:07:20 PM PDT

Is Cheney Right About the Democrats? by Ray McGovern
April 17, 2007

The rhetoric over recent days and this morning makes it clear that Vice President Dick Cheney is still in charge of Iraq policy. He seems supremely confident that the Democrats can be intimidated into giving the White House the only thing it really wants – enough money to stave off defeat until President George W. Bush and Cheney are safely out of office. That, of course, is also what lies behind the “temporary surge” in troop strength.

Was Defense Secretary Robert Gates being naive or disingenuous on Jan. 11, when he appeared before the Senate Armed Forces Committee and addressed the “surge?”

“I don’t think anybody has a definite idea about how long the surge would last. I think for most of us, in our minds, we’re thinking of it as a matter of months, not 18 months or two years.”

I know Gates; he is not naive. And whatever the relative merits of positions on a policy issue, neither he nor anyone else in the small coterie of presidential advisers is likely to stand up to Cheney. The $64 question is whether the Democrats will. To me, that appears a long shot.

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Louie..Louie… Time To Go Now!!!

by- Suzie-Q @ 2:33 PM MDT

Gonzo’s Leahy
© 2007 Stephen Pitt


April 30, 2007 issue – The pressure on Alberto Gonzales to resign intensified last week following his daylong grilling before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The embattled attorney general was repeatedly unable to recall virtually anything about last year’s firings of eight U.S. attorneys. GOP senators—hoping for a strong performance—were visibly pained when Gonzales couldn’t remember a crucial Nov. 27, 2006, meeting (noted on his calendar), when he was briefed by his chief of staff about the firing plan.

“Senator, I have searched my memory. I have no recollection of the meeting,” Gonzales told GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions. The A.G. was even unable to recall a meeting where President Bush passed along complaints about the three U.S. attorneys—a talk that Bush himself has publicly recalled. (Gonzales said he now “understands” he had such a conversation.)


Iggy Pop- Louie Louie

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Living With War; Let’s Impeach Bush And Cheney!!!

by- Suzie-Q @ 1:15 PM MDT

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, April 22
22 Apr 2007 12:03:59 GMT


* denotes new or updated item.

* BAGHDAD – Two suicide bombers rammed their vehicles into a police station in southwestern Baghdad, killing 12 people and wounding 95, police said. Most of the dead were civilians, police said.

* BAGHDAD – The Iraqi army killed four insurgents and arrested 93 others during the last 24 hours in different parts of Iraq, the Defence Ministry said.

* BAGHDAD – A mortar round landed in Bab al-Muadham area, wounding four people, police said.

* BAGHDAD – Gunmen opened fire at a vehicle carrying civil servants, wounding three of them, in the Doura district of Baghdad, police said.

MAHMUDIYA – A mortar round killed a person and wounded three others in the town of Mahmudiya, 30 km (20 miles) south of Baghdad, police said.

BASRA – British forces raided two houses in eastern Basra, killing a man who was taking a rifle from a cupboard believing his intention was to open fire upon them, the British military said. Two other people were arrested and a number of weapons were seized.

BAGHDAD – A roadside bomb wounded two people in central Baghdad, police said.

BAGHDAD – The bodies of 11 people were found shot in different districts of Baghdad on Saturday, police said.

KIRKUK – A roadside bomb targeting a police patrol wounded two policemen in Kirkuk, 250 km (155 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.

MADAEN – Two car bombs killed one person and wounded five others in Madaen, about 45 km (25 miles) south of Baghdad, on Saturday, police said.

BAGHDAD – A mortar round which landed in a residential district killed two people and wounded two others in the southern Doura district of Baghdad, police said.

* BASRA – Abu Mujahid al-Maliki, secretary of the Hezbollah Movement in Iraq, escaped an assassination attempt when gunmen threw a grenade at his car. Security committee head Hakim al-Mayahi said Maliki was wounded along with one of his guards. Another guard was killed in the attack in Basra on Saturday.

Gunmen Kill Religious Minority Members

Perth Now

From correspondents in Mosul, Iraq
April 22, 2007 10:50pm

UNIDENTIFIED gunmen dragged 21 members of northern Iraq’s Yezidi religious minority from a bus and shot them dead by the roadside, said police Brigadier General Mohammed El-Waqa’a.

“Workers were travelling back from a textile plant in Mosul to their home in Bashika, east of the city,” he said.

“Several gunmen stopped the buses, chose the Yezidi among the passengers and killed them in front of everybody.”

Neil Young- Living With War
Neil Young

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Swindler’s List

posted by anthony @ 20:45

Earlier I posted an article on global warming, in which doubt was cast on the view that it caused by man-made CO2 gases. Another blogger, tamino, left a link to an article that he, I assume it’s a he, had written on his own blogsite which seeks to show that the data presented in the made for TV documentary, The Great Global Swindle, is of doubtful accuracy. He has kindly consented to allow me to reproduce it here:

Not too long ago, British TV channel 4 aired a documentary produced by Martin Durkin for production company Wag TV, titled “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” The documentary claims that global warming is not caused by the buildup of greenhouse gases, but by changes in the sun. It specifically attempts to relate temperature change on earth to changes in the length of the solar cycle. It also suggests that the scientific concensus that in fact it’s due to greenhouse gases, is a giant conspiracy perpetrated by scientists who are hoodwinking the world in order to gain access to research funds.

How reliable is this documentary? One of the primary bits of “evidence” put forward is a graph of global average temperature for the last 120 years, attributed to NASA:

I’ve studied temperature time series quite a bit, and this graph looks remarkably different from what I’ve seen from NASA. Here’s the current temperature data from NASA’s Goddard Institude for Space Studies (GISS):

There are dramatic differences between the two pictures. Durkin’s graph indicates that from 1880 to 1940 global temperature increased by more than 0.5 deg.C, while the data from NASA GISS indicates a mere 0.3 deg.C. Durkin’s graph also indicates that from 1940 to 1975 the planet cooled by nearly 0.2 deg.C, while the NASA GISS data indicate a cooling of only 0.1 deg.C. How could these differences arise?

Here’s what the British newspaper The Independent had to say about it:

A Channel 4 documentary that claimed global warming is a swindle was itself flawed with major errors which seriously undermine the programme’s credibility, according to an investigation by The Independent.

A graph central to the programme’s thesis, purporting to show variations in global temperatures over the past century, claimed to show that global warming was not linked with industrial emissions of carbon dioxide. Yet the graph was not what it seemed.

The programme-makers labelled the source of the world temperature data as “Nasa” but when we inquired about where we could find this information, we received an email through Wag TV’s PR consultant saying that the graph was drawn from a 1998 diagram published in an obscure journal called Medical Sentinel. The authors of the paper are well-known climate sceptics who were funded by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and the George C Marshall Institute, a right-wing Washington think-tank.However, there are no diagrams in the paper that accurately compare with the C4 graph. The nearest comparison is a diagram of “terrestrial northern hemisphere” temperatures – which refers only to data gathered by weather stations in the top one third of the globe.
However, further inquiries revealed that the C4 graph was based on a diagram in another paper produced as part of a “petition project” by the same group of climate sceptics. This diagram was itself based on long out-of-date information on terrestrial temperatures compiled by Nasa scientists.However, crucially, the axis along the bottom of the graph has been distorted in the C4 version of the graph, which made it look like the information was up-to-date when in fact the data ended in the early 1980s.Mr Durkin admitted that his graphics team had extended the time axis along the bottom of the graph to the year 2000. “There was a fluff there,” he said.

Durkin now states that updated versions of his documentary will un-adjust the time axis, so that it will be correct. However, this won’t solve the problem that the data are decades out-of-date and only go up to the early 1980s.

Another very important graph in the documentary relates the idea that temperature change is correlated, with stunning accuracy, to the length of the solar cycle. The sun has a roughly 11-year cycle in which the number of sunspots increases and decreases, but the length of that cycle is not constant, it varies slightly. According to the theory, the shorter the sunspot cycle, the higher the global temperature. Durkin’s graph is attributed to Svensmark & Christensen, but actually the solar cycle length data come from Friis-Christensen and Lassen:

The agreement between the graphs is indeed stunning. But are these graphs correct? We’ve already seen that Durkin’s temperature graph is seriously incorrect. I accessed the sunspot data, as well as data for total solar irradiance (TSI), and computed the sunspot cycle length based on each. I then superimposed solar cycle length on the temperature graph, using the same relative scaling between the axes as used by Durkin:

Evidently the supposed “stunning agreement” is not there. In particular, the dramatic rise in global temperature since 1975 does not correspond to any increase in “invers solar cycle length.”

How did this come about? Part of the problem is that the data reported by Friis-Christensen and Lassen were mistaken. As Damon & Laut (2004, Eos, vol. 85, pg 28) reported, their result was due to inconsistent smoothing procedures and simple arithmetic errors:

In a telling episode reflective of Mr. Durkin’s character, the Times Online reports

Two eminent British scientists who questioned the accuracy of a Channel 4 programme that claimed global warming was an unfounded conspiracy theory have received an expletive-filled tirade from the programme maker.In an e-mail exchange leaked to The Times, Martin Durkin, the executive producer of The Great Global Warming Swindle, responded to the concerns of Dr Armand Leroi, from Imperial College, and Simon Singh, the respected scientific author, by telling them to “go and f*** yourself”.

Apparently, Dr. Leroi e-mailed Durkin saying, “To put this bluntly: the data that you showed in your programme were . . . wrong in several different ways,” and copied it to Mr Singh.

Durkin replied to both, saying: “You’re a big daft cock.” Mr Singh replied to Durkin, “I suspect that you will have upset many people (if Armand is right), so it would be great if you could engage in the debate rather than just resorting to one-line replies. That way we could figure out what went wrong/ right and how do things better/ even better in the future.”

Durkin replied nine minutes later with this tirade:

“The BBC is now a force for bigotry and intolerance . . . Since 1940 we have had four decades of cooling, three of warming, and the last decade when temperature has been doing nothing.”“Why have we not heard this in the hours and hours of shit programming on global warming shoved down our throats by the BBC?”“Never mind an irresponsible bit of film-making. Go and f*** yourself.”

Dr. Leroi had been scheduled to make a film with Martin Durkin and [the production company] Wag TV, but is seriously reconsidering now. As Leroi said, “I am no climate scientist, but I was very concerned at the way that flaws in these data were brushed over.”

Me too.

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Germany Says To Wolfowitz: Adios Amigo!!

by- Suzie-Q @ 11:24 AM MDT


40 minutes ago

“My conclusion is that Wolfowitz should do the bank a service and take the consequences himself. The sooner, the better.”

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany believes Paul Wolfowitz’s position at the helm of the World Bank has become unsustainable, a German minister was quoted as saying on Sunday.

Wolfowitz, a former U.S. deputy defense secretary who helped plan the invasion in Iraq, has faced calls by World Bank staff to step down and questions about his leadership over his handling of a promotion he approved for his girlfriend.

“The situation, as it is, is no longer acceptable,” German Development Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, told the Financial Times Deutschland (FTD), in an early release of an article to run in its Monday edition.

Wolfowitz, you’ve been messin’ where you shouldn’t have been messin’! You keep lying, when you oughta be truthin’..

Jessica Simpson – These Boots Were Made For Walking

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Duhbya’s political base: We The Sheeple

by Geezer Power …8:39 AM PDT


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