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Gotcha Karl!!

by S-Q @ 2:20 PM MDT

Sympathy For The Devil- Stones


By Michael Isikoff
Updated: 1 hour, 12 minutes ago

Did Karl Rove have a hand in replacing the fired U.S. attorney in New Mexico? An overlooked e-mail may provide a clue.

March 28, 2007 – New Mexico Republican Sen. Pete Domenici’s chief of staff sent a cryptic thank-you note to Karl Rove just as the senator was recommending replacements for David Iglesias, the fired U.S. attorney in New Mexico, according to internal White House and Justice Department documents.

“Thanks for everything,” Domenici chief of staff Steve Bell wrote Rove and two other White House officials, including Rove’s political deputy, Scott Jennings, in a Jan. 8, 2007 e-mail that forwarded the name of a candidate to replace Iglesias.

Buried in Justice Department documents released two weeks ago, the Bell e-mail was not initially noticed by congressional investigators because it was sent to Rove’s political e-mail account—not his more clearly recognizable White House e-mail address.

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The GSA oversight hearings are continuing in Henry Waxman’s government oversight committee. The GSA Administrator is still testifying before the committee.

Christy Smith at FDL is covering it!

Partisan Games and Misdemeanors…

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Bad Moon Rising!!

by S-Q @ 1:10 PM MDT

Raw Story

In a letter sent to the White House this afternoon, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), the Chairmen of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees respectively, urged greater cooperation on the part of the White House in the investigation of the firing US Attorneys.

“Political influence in federal law enforcement is a serious matter,” the two Democrats wrote to White House counsel Fred Fielding. “We need to get to the bottom of what happened, why, how, and who was involved in the mass firings of United States attorneys.”

Conyers and Leahy noted that it had been almost a week since the last letter to the White House was issued, and called on the White House to abandon its ‘all or nothing’ approach to document production.

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by Global Evildoer Fighter @ 3:00 PM EDT

At a press conference today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to President Bush’s threat to veto legislation that included a timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq in 2008. Pelosi urged the President to “Calm down with the threats, there’s a new Congress in town.” She went on to say, “we respect your constitutional role, we want you to respect ours.”

Huffpo has the Video

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by Global Evildoer Fighter @ 9:20 PM EDT

“My Oh my…Look who woke up from his Kool-aid Trance!”

King Abdullah decides against Cheney to coddle Terrorists and Undermine our Troops!

King Abdullah: U.S. Occupation of Iraq ‘Illegitimate’

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — King Abdullah denounced the American military presence in Iraq on Wednesday as an “illegitimate foreign occupation” and called on the West to end its financial embargo against the Palestinians.

AP Huffpo Wires

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Midnight At The Oasis!!

by S-Q @ 11:06 AM MDT

Midnight at the oasis
Send your camel to bed
Shadows paintin’ our faces
Traces of romance in our heads
Heaven’s holdin’ a half-moon
Shinin’ just for us

By Wafa Amr and Andrew Hammond
28 Mar 2007 15:00:18 GMT

RIYADH, March 28 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah called on Wednesday for an end to the international blockade on the Palestinian people and told a summit of Arab leaders that sectarian violence was driving Iraq towards civil war.

In his speech to Arab heads of state at a two-day meeting in his capital, the king called on Arabs to overcome their disputes and unify to face dangers threatening them in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

“It has become necessary to end the unjust blockade imposed on the Palestinian people as soon as possible so that the peace process can move in an atmosphere far from oppression and force,” the king said.

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Mitchell Wade Paid The Bribes

by S-Q @ 6:25 PM MDT

Talking Heads Memo

(March 27, 2007 — 06:48 PM EDT)

Mitchell Wade paid the bribes to former Rep. Duke Cunningham (R-CA) that eventually led to both men pleading guilty to multiple felonies. Almost two years ago we noted the odd news that the first federal contract Wade ever received was with none other than the White House, the White House itself, which is officially called the Executive Office of the President in federal contracting-speak.

The contract was signed on July 15th, 2002 and it was supposedly for “office furniture.”

On December 5th, 2005, the LA Times reported that the contract was “to provide office furniture and computers for Vice President Cheney.”

Now, a lot of people have wondered for a long time just what that contract was really for. Remember, this was the maiden contract for a company specializing in defense and intelligence services. (The company was approved for federal contracting two months earlier.) And they bag a contract to deliver a bunch of desks and chairs to Vice President Cheney’s office? Add to the mix that, as we and others have long reported, Wade has long bragged that he had pull with the Vice President and those in his office and the whole thing starts to sound a bit fishy.

Indeed, just yesterday, Rep. Waxman (D-CA) sent the White House a letter asking for details about this mystery contract.

(Thanks Teak for this article!)

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The Peace in Iraq

by Basheert @9:57 AM MDT

Continues to grow. Things are going well, our troops are now safe and the Iraqis are standing up so we can stand down.


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Have Lots of Fun Everyone … Give McCain a Call NOW!

by Basheert @9:51 AM MDT

(Allow me to insert in here the fact that Mr. McCain HATES, DETESTS and ABHORS ALL BLOGS – Ideally he would shut them all down. With that in mind, read on and enjoy!)

Courtesy of Americablog:

Demand that John McCain name that “safe” neighborhood in Baghdad
by John Aravosis (DC) · 3/28/2007 10:55:00 AM ET

UPDATE: Now McCain is denying he ever said any of this, even though he said it on camera only yesterday AND in his denial today he repeats the claim that there are several “safe neighborhoods” in Baghdad, though he qualifies his statement by saying that they are very dangerous safe neighborhoods (I’m not kidding). So name those very dangerous safe neighborhoods. Not to mention, it’s not very straight-talking to deny something you said on camera 24 hours earlier, and something you repeated on Bill Bennett’s radio show. This is a man who wants to be president, and he is basing his justification for the Iraq war on a lie. Sound familiar?

(NOTE TO MEDIA: When presidential candidate John Kerry made a similar unsubstantiated claim – that several world leaders opposed Bush’s re-election – you dogged Kerry relentlessly to name those leaders. Well fair is fair. If you’re not all a bunch of conservative suck-ups, then do your job and demand the same answer from John McCain. Name those neighborhoods.)

GOP Senator John McCain, who is running for president, said yesterday that it’s an absolute lie to suggest that Baghdad is unsafe. In fact, McCain says that there are several neighborhoods – more than one – in Baghdad (outside of the Green Zone, of course), that are totally safe for an American to travel alone with no security. Here’s what McCain said:
“There are neighborhoods in Baghdad where you and I could walk through those neighborhoods, today.”
CNN’s Baghdad correspondent, Michael Ware, who is actually IN BAGHDAD, says that McCain is flat-out wrong:
“Honestly, Wolf, you’ll barely last twenty minutes out there. I dont know what part of ‘Neverland’ Senator McCain is talking about when he says we can go strolling in Baghdad.”
But John McCain was quite emphatic about it. There are “some neighborhoods” in Baghdad that you can travel around by yourself with no security and be perfectly safe. The only reason you don’t know this, McCain told CNN yesterday, is because the media is lying to you.

Wow. Hell of a charge. McCain must know something that we don’t. If McCain is right, if the media is lying to me, I want to know what the media is hiding. Won’t you join me in asking Senator McCain to reveal to us the names of these non-Green-Zone Baghdad neighborhoods that are so darn safe that an American can travel alone with no security whatsoever.

Call John McCain now, and ask him to name that neighborhood.

(202) 224-2235

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McCain Calls Media "A Bunch of Jerks"

by Basheert @9:35 AM MDT

This gets richer every day.

From ThinkProgress:

On Fox and Friends this morning, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) noted that he allows “jerks from the media” to come on board his bus, the “Straight Talk Express.”

MCCAIN: Sure. We are going to do just fine. We are going to have fun. That’s the important thing in these campaigns. We are back to the town hall meetings and I love them more than anything else.
FOX: You will take a question from anybody about anything.
MCCAIN: And I also have these jerks come on the bus, too.
FOX: You have who come on the bus?
MCCAIN: These jerks from the media.
FOX: Ok. Of course that couldn’t be me, I hope. I haven’t been on a bus in a while without paying a fare.
MCCAIN: Come on. You are welcome on.

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