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Senator Feinstein Calls For Gonzales’ Resignation

by S-Q @ 12:40 PM MDT

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“I think the day of the dual-hatted attorney general should be over,” said Feinstein. “Attorney General Gonzales has had the view that he serves two masters, that he serves the president and that he serves as the chief law enforcement officer. He serves one master, and that’s the people of this country.”

Feinstein continued that an attorney general must be “straight forward” and “follow the law.”

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Bush’s Executive Branch Secedes from the Union

by S-Q @ 10:00 AM MDT

White House mouthpiece Tony Snow declares Congress has no oversight authority over the White House..

Oh, really Snowjob? We’ll see about that!

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Impeach Gonzales For Attorneygate!!!

by S-Q @ 9:30 PM MDT

“It’s time for an impeachment, not just to oust Gonzales, but as a salutary warning to his superiors.”

Raw Story

It isn’t enough to oust Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for his role in “Attorneygate,” Congress should impeach him, Robert Kuttner writes in an op-ed published in Saturday’s Boston Globe.

“Gonzales, the nation’s highest legal officer, has been point man for serial assaults against the rule of law, most recently in the crude attempt to politicize criminal prosecutions,” Kuttner argues. “Obstruction of a prosecution is a felony, even when committed by the attorney general.”

Aside from his role in the firing of eight US attorneys, which “had multiple political motives, all contrary to longstanding practice,” Kuttner writes, “[t]here are several other reasons to remove Gonzales, all involving his cavalier contempt for courts and liberties of citizens, most recently in the FBI’s more than 3,000 cases of illegal snooping on Americans.”

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The Spin, I’m In!!

by S-Q @ 7:30 PM MDT

Bono- “One”
Live at the Special Olympics 2003 in Ireland (6/21/2003)

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New Finding in Pat Tillman’s Death

by S-Q @ 5:20 PM MDT


CBS News Exclusive

WASHINGTON (KCBS) — CBS News has learned that an investigation by the Pentagon inspector-general into the “friendly fire” death of San Jose’s own football-star-turned-soldier, Pat Tillman, will blame nine officers, including four generals, for failing to follow regulations and using poor judgement in a series of missteps that kept the truth of how he died from his family for more than a month.

From her home in San Jose, Tillman’s mother, Mary, told KCBS that the Pentagon has not contacted her, and that the investigation’s conclusions were “absolute news to me.” She declined further comment. Pat Tillman, a San Jose native, graduated from Leland High School.

The official version of his death was that the former NFL player had died in a firefight with the enemy in Afghanistan. It was only after a nationally televised memorial service that Tillman’s wife and parents were told he had been mistakenly shot by one of his own men.

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