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The Skeletons in John McCain’s Closet

by Basheert @ 4:53 PM MDT

Anyone who believes John McCain is a straight talking maverick, had better do a review of his past lives before his conversion.

This man is anything but honest.

The Skeletons of McCain

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McCain Squeals "Tar Baby"!!!!

by Basheert @ 3:52 PM MDT

Those of us with the misfortune to have John “Flip Flop” McCain as a Senator are used to this idiot opening his mouth and spewing forth dreck and immediately realizing he sounds like the idiot he is.

Today Mr. McCain used the “tar baby” reference and then immediately realized he’d stepped into a rat hole and tried to squeal his way out.

This is pro forma, SOSDD for John McCain. A man who stakes his life and reputation on being tortured in Vietnam. A man who believes torture qualifies him for not only the Senate but the White House.

All Americans should be very very afraid if Mr. McCain is elected. We will ALL be in a war zone…because that is Mr. McCain’s world. War, more War, bigger War, lots of War, War 24 hours a day, War with all our children, War against the Left, War Against the Right….

I won’t even go into his adulterous personal life and his wife’s stealing painkiller prescriptions.

This man is sick!


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If Steve Jobs Were "W"..!!

By S-Q @ 3:10 PM MDT

Steve Jobs unveils the new iRack. Some Friday afternoon humor.

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Listen Up, Pundits and Politicians

by PrissyPatriot @ 4:30 PM EDT


The reason for the neglect of the troops is privatization of the military. This war is the most privatized war in the history of the world. Most of the money from the Pentagon went to private companies so these huge corporations like Halliburton (KBR), Blackwater, CACI could get rich. Our military is being undermined by corporations. Check out their profits. It is OUR tax dollars that is being poured into these companies while our military is being neglected.

My son is active duty, career Army, with 15 years under his belt. All the families and the military personnel have contacted people in Congress for four years regarding the neglect and treatment of military personnel. To pretend they did not know is just more lies from a corrupt Congress that is also receiving money in different ways from this war. If you want to know the truth about the Iraq War, see the movie “Iraq For Sale”. This is not a underground movie it is mainstream and available at any movie rental place. Once you see it you will understand what the Iraq War is really about and why no one will end it, even though the people are demanding an end to it and why our military suffer while we are spending billions on this war.

Our military is no longer honored by anyone. Everyone’s attitude now that it is a volunteer Army is that they volunteered so they have no reason to complain about anything. Currently if you are suicidal or mentally ill, the average lead time for treatment at a Vet Center is 120 days. That is 4 months!

Walter Reed is merely the tip of the iceberg. Men that seek treatment for PTSD are being diagnosed as having a preexisting mental illness to ensure they do not receive benefits. I could go on and on IMUS but there is limited space and I know your time is limited.

See Iraq for Sale. It is a REAL eye opener.

It is not the fault of the people but our government who has sold our military down the river for money and favors to corporations. Attitudes of people are formed by our government in some cases. Just like the soldier that had the nerve to speak up to Rumsfeld several years ago about armor, Rumsfeld’s answer? “You have to deal with the Army you have, soldier.”

The President knew, and Congress knew. The families of the military have been hounding them for four long years. They could probably build a house with all the paper from the letters we have all written regarding the treatment of our loved ones in the military. Check out Military Families Speak Out, this organization is practically LIVING at the White House these days. THEY ALL KNEW.

Mikal Hutto
Pasadena, Texas
Mother of Sgt. Kenneth M. Pereira
Military Families Speak Out – Houston, Texas

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Valerie Speaks!

by Captain Kit @ 3:30 PM EDT

Read what Valerie said to Congress

And see the Video!

This is where it started for most of us, when we found other like-minded people to express our outrage through the real-to-us Patrick J. Fitzgerald blog.

I’m not sure if it’s full circle yet but there has definitely been a huge change in the politics and accountability.

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American Traitors are in the White House!

by Global Evildoer Fighter @ 3:23 PM EDT

…And Congress, the Senate, and the Judiciary are in Denial of this Truth!!

Plame’s Testimony 3-16-2007


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By S-Q @ 9:29 AM MDT

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales reportedly advised President George W. Bush on a federal inquiry even after learning his own actions might be probed.

Citing government records and interviews, the National Journal reported Thursday that, shortly before he advised Bush in 2006 on whether to shut down a Justice Department investigation into the administration’s warrantless domestic eavesdropping program, Gonzales learned that his own conduct would likely be a focus of the inquiry.

Bush shut down the Justice Department investigation in April 2006 by denying investigators security clearances they would have needed to examine the eavesdropping program.


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By S-Q @ 7:20 AM MDT

© 2007 Stephen Pitt

WASHINGTON — The White House is being pulled further into the intensifying probe over federal prosecutor firings amid new questions about top political adviser Karl Rove’s role and as GOP support for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales erodes.

President Bush’s top legal aides were to tell congressional Democrats on Friday whether and under what conditions they would allow high-level White House officials, including Rove, to testify under oath in the inquiry.

Subpoenas could come as early as next week.

E-mails released this week, including a set issued Thursday night by the Justice Department, appear to contradict the administration’s assertion that Bush’s staff had only limited involvement in the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, which Democrats have suggested were a politically motivated purge.


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By S-Q @ 6:02 AM MDT

Years of Silence Will End Today With Capitol Hill Testimony

She has been silent nearly four years. Today, the CIA officer whose unmasking fueled a political uproar and criminal probe that reached into the White House is poised to finally tell her own story — before Congress.

Valerie Plame’s testimony will have all the trappings of a “Garbo speaks” moment on Capitol Hill, with cameras and microphones arrayed to capture the voice of Plame, the glamorous but mute star of a compelling political intrigue. But while she hopes to clear up her status as an agency operative when her name first hit newspapers in July 2003, America’s most publicized spy is unlikely to betray any details in open session about her mysterious career.

The reason: Plame remains gagged by the same secrecy rules that governed her 20 years as a CIA employee working overseas and at Langley in classified positions.

People close to Plame say her primary goal in testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is to knock down persistent claims that she did not serve undercover. “She is so tired of hearing that,” her mother, Diane Plame, said in an interview earlier this week.


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It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World!

By S-Q @ 9:00 PM MDT

Christina Aguilera- It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World!

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