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Cheney to stump for GOPer who bullied wife with guns

Vice President Dick Cheney will be attending a fundraiser for Rep. Randy Kuhl (R-NY) in late September, today’s issue of Roll Call reports.

The Vice President and Kuhl have each earned a measure of infamy for incidents involving firearms. Cheney accidentally shot his hunting partner Harry Whittington in the face earlier this year, while according to divorce records obtained by RAW STORY, Kuhl once bullied his wife with shotguns.

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Judge Won’t Block Ariz. Voter ID Law

Judge refuses to block Ariz. voter ID requirement; new law to be used in Tuesday’s primary

(AP) A federal judge on Monday refused to block a law that requires Arizona voters to present identification before casting a ballot.

U.S. District Judge Roslyn Silver’s order came a day before Tuesday’s primary, the first statewide election for which voters will be required to show identification. The law has already been used in some municipal elections.

The 2004 law requires that voters at polling places produce government-issued picture ID or two pieces of other non-photo identification specified by the law. It also requires proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

Parts of the law were aimed chiefly at illegal immigrants.

A number of challengers had sued to prohibit election officials from enforcing the registration and polling place identification requirements. Critics said that the law would disenfranchise voters, particularly minorities and the elderly, and that requiring voters to acquire and produce identification would be burdensome in time, money and effort.

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Interviews found voters expressing degrees of skepticism about President Bush’s motives in delivering a set of high-profile speeches on terrorism.

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